An Incredible Mosaic of Love |Adoption not Abortion

Matt 10 Little children.png

In Roman times when a baby was born, the midwives would gently swaddle the newborn and lay the baby right in front of the father. If the father picked the baby up from the floor, he or she was accepted into the family. 

  • On the other hand, if the baby was left on the floor he or she was taken outside for “disposal”.  

Because promiscuity was normal in Roman society, mistrust was common in the family structure. Having babies born in a house with doubting husbands, was a disadvantage. 

A husband with the smallest of inklings that the baby was not his, would instruct his servants to get rid of the baby. It was up to the father to approve of the newborn and accept it into the family. Not a very good way for a baby to come into the world but this was how it was.

In came the new religion of those who called themselves Christians. Ever growing numbers from all walks of life; slaves, masters, free men, and women were coming into a personal relationship with Jesus the Jewish Messiah. 

  • Christians who saw rejected displaced babies would pick them up, take them home and made those infants their very own. 

We have to remember that a great percentage of Romans were slaves and had very few means to provide for their own children. Yet, they would still bring another mouth to feed. The kindness they showed to strangers’ babies would have a huge impact on all Roman Society witnessing these incredible acts of love.

  • We find the same thing happening presently. Where people are “disposing” of their newborns like the Romans did two thousand years ago. 

But the great news is, that Christians are once more stepping up and adopting children fortunate enough to be born and given up, instead of being aborted. Christians are bringing babies into their households. I have, with exceeding joy witnessed this among our circles and see that Christ’s love still reigns. 

  • Even if people think that this world is getting darker, the Light of Christ still has the power to change modern societies with its overwhelming sense of compassion.

God is so amazing, He turns everything that is meant for bad in this world, into good. By Christians fulfilling the love of Jesus and bringing in kids from all over the world, from different ethnicities, they are turning God’s people into an incredible mosaic of love


Percentage of slaves in Roman times

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