Blind Faith — Unseen & Eternal |Christian Faith

I just met a couple in their mid twenties. Both of them are visually impaired. The young lady was leading her husband. Both were very kind and cheerfully going through their obstacles courageously.
I noticed how slow they were going, and figured that this may have been their first time in this restaurant. The wife was struggling with direction and coming towards me. Looking at them I felt horrible that they were blind with no one to help them. I said “hello” to them, so as not to have her bump into me. She was very cheery in her response, which surprised me a bit. She happily asked if they were going the right way towards the parking lot. I calmly and gently started giving her specific directions, letting her know about different things in front of them within the small fenced in area they had entered into.

She gladly took my directions, and they made it through the gauntlet of tables, chairs, and fencing we who can see, take for granted.

I saw them finally making it to the edge of the sidewalk where they would await their ride and was joyful to have helped them in a small way.
The young couple was waiting a while for their ride and I called out to them if they wanted to join me while waiting, the young wife turned towards my voice with a soft, peaceful smile, thanking me again and said that they liked standing. I know that feeling since I sit behind a desk long periods of times.

I thought to myself how we, who have eyesight, have it pretty made in this world. Yet, I can’t help thinking that the young, joyful blind couple is more blessed than those of us with vision.

You see, these young visually impaired adults, have to have full-on faith the minute they wake up. They can’t see the world,  yet they go out into it every single day with such courage and enthusiasm, ready to take on every obstacle that comes their way.

I can’t help but think that those of us who have the precious gift of eyesight may learn a thing or two from them. At least I have. It made me ponder…

The Light of the world.png

  • Are we going out into the world with our faith, ready to take it on?
  • Or are we wasting our valuable and precious gift of sight squandering the time and wishing how life could be better for us if we just were able to have God do this or that for us?
  • I choose to have that blind faith of the couple I just met. May God use me to go and spread more of the incredible and courageous faith of going into the world and making a difference for Christ….

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