Laughter Is The Best Medicine — So Be Joyful! |Letters to my Kids Series

Letters to my kids:

Romans 15_13 jpeg.png
Romans 15:13

There will be some great times ahead for you and the rest of the grandkids. I want you to know that even when things get tough for you or your mom and dad, always remember that Jesus loves you and that He will always be there for you. Even when life seems to get you down, God will always give you joy.

  • A wise man once told me that a person of God never stays down, because God always lifts them up from the floor.

I want you and the rest of the kids to know that Poppa and Nana had some incredible times on our journey together. But we also had some tough times. It was in those tough times that we learned more about our Mighty God and held on to his promises more.

  • I want you to do the same thing. Always depend on God guiding you. Always be joyful no matter what life brings you.

Always love your family and family in Christ. They will be there alongside of you because nobody can get through life without Christ and people around them to be there for them. And when those you love need your help, always joyfully lend a hand!

Love you kids & always praying for you!


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