Christ is Christmas Part II |Christmas 2018 Series

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In part one of this series, I wrote about the origins of Christmas and how Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah or Savior which Hebrew prophecies spoke about. I wrote this in order to ensure all those that question their faith to see that our God is a God of order. With this Godly order comes perfect control of mankind’s history. No other faith can be assured of a divine plan for all, through God’s Son Jesus the Prince of Peace.

In this part, we will see how Jesus is the only One that could fulfill the predictions of being the long-awaited Messiah (Savior of the world).

Prophetic writings scrolled down, some close to a millennia, some hundreds of years before Jesus’ arrival, were signs of a supernatural event which would change the course of history.

His Story has changed millions upon millions of people throughout mankind’s narrative.
In order for Jesus to:

  • Be born of two parents with Messianic lineage (Matthew chapter 1, Luke 1)
  • Be born in Bethlehem move to Egypt (Micah 5:2-4, Hosea 11:1)
  • Come back and live in Nazareth (Isaiah 11:1)
  • Have Magi(Wise men) come from hundreds of miles away to find Him(Matthew 2:1)
  • And then for Jesus to grow up in Nazareth to fulfill yet another prophecy (Isaiah 53:3)
  • Start His ministry and reach thousands of followers in only 3 years or so (Isaiah 9:1)
  • Have Him ultimately be crucified which was predicted a thousand years before (Isaiah 53)
  • Just those predictions above would be astounding odds for one man to fulfill or make them come true.
Odds fulfilled.png
Evidence that Demands a Verdict
  • I‘m not a betting man, but if we were to place bets in Vegas with just one person fulfilling only 8 of the over 300 prophecies, the odds would be so incredible, that it would be easier to fill the whole state of Texas knee-deep with silver dollar coins and blindfold someone, tell the person to go and find the one coin painted in red.
  • That person would have the freedom to walk as far and wide as he or she wanted without looking and pick that painted coin up!*

— Some critics point to mistakes done by these authors. Let’s say the critics are correct in some of their assertions regarding errors made. For the sake of not arguing with the critics, take those predictions away, and you are still left with an immense amount of prophetic events happening in Jesus’ life.

— These prophecies were not fulfilled by Buddha, nor Mohammed, Krishna or anyone else in history. Only Jesus fulfills these predictions which some were written 1,000 years before.

  • I ask you not to take my word for these predictions. Do your own homework, and if you are good at math, figure it out yourself. Read them yourself in the Bible.

— The mathematical odds that One person could fulfill just 8 of these is so far-fetched, yet Jesus fulfilled over 300 of these predictions in Hebrew Prophetic writings.

— Jesus has some predictions yet to realize, but this is for another time. Next Christmas post, how hard would it be to take Jesus to Bethlehem?


Scientific Proof of the Accuracy of Prophecy and the Bible
Moody Press Chicago

V. Summary of Old Testament Predictions Literally Fulfilled in Christ- McDowell, Josh. Evidence That Demands a Verdict (p. 229). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

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