Strong Faith Requires a Strong Foundation |The Christmas Story (Part 1)

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Christmas is coming up, and most people are getting ready to do the Christmas thing. Yet how many people really know why they are celebrating the Holy Day. Yes, Holy Day and not a holiday.

You see, this Christmas season whether Jesus was born during this time or not, is a very solemn and joyful occasion. I will get to that in the next post, maybe…

  • What I do want to explain is how the Christmas story came about and why it is imperative to get to know it personally. One of the mistakes people do, including myself, is that we take everything that is said by others or on TV or social media as rock solid.

But how many people deeply understand why Jesus had to be born and all the prerequisites that came with His birth, life, death, and resurrection?

Through the years since Jesus was born, was in ministry, crucified and resurrected, we have had so many distortions to His central teaching. I will try to give you not my perspective but what the Bible predicts about His coming. The over 400 predictions which predate Jesus’ birth are astounding.

Here are the facts, please click on the links to get a deeper understanding of what the predictions in the Bible regarding Jesus:

What we have in the Bible, is the story of redemption that was set up by God and fulfilled by Jesus. Whatever book of the Bible you are in, it tells of the Christmas story. The story which has changed the course of humanity’s history, because after all, it is talking about His Story…

Get to know Jesus:

How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God

Know God


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