All Life is Precious |Abortion Kills

“”10 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire,..””

—The LORD in Deuteronomy 18, regarding Israelites killing their children by burning them alive as sacrifice to a false god called Molech.

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This has been one of the hardest topics plaguing this nation for decades now.

  • I have been staring at the screen for a while now.
  • For those that know me, it is very rare when I don’t have anything to say.
  • This is how serious this topic is. I believe we are at a crossroads. 

Before you read the rest of this, if you are offended easily or think that by having a different opinion than yours, I am somehow evil, please keep reading anyway.

  • I am not trying to cause division for the sake of ratings or money. I get neither!
  • But this has to be said and has to be screamed loud enough so that one day we don;t have this monstrous legality.
  • The forces of evil are working extra hard and in overtime in order to continue destroying precious life. I am talking about Abortion,.
  • Now, the killing of mature 9-month-old babies in New York is legal!
  • This is a blasphemy to the Lord and to what is held morally good, just and right.

All life is precious.png

  • “Come on now Oscar! Isn’t what you just said a little overdramatic?” The short answer is no. The long answer is still no.
  • In a period where Americans are not producing enough babies for our own sake and future, we get a dark and dangerous signing in New York by a man who thinks he knows best.
  • This person just shows how low we as a nation have gone. For a man old enough to know right from wrong, he sure is making it hard for me to say something good about him. (This is where I had to stare at the sccreen…leave and come back a few times throughout the four days I have been on this post! I don’t want to call that governor what I really thought of his souls, mind and heart.)
  • But … and I mean this with all my heart....
  • He is just a symptom of our moral-less society. He is the epitome of what a leader should not do, and that is the condoning of innocent lives. This is the same person that is anti-war, anti-punishment and anti-everything conservative.

  • Yet, in his dwindled mind, he thinks that giving murderers a second chance….yes, evil people who have viciously decided to murder another human being, those evil people,  a chance to live. There is no Death Penalty in New York. Or at least there hasn’t been in over half a century almost.
  • Worse than this, when this, this, governor signed the law, people actually cheered. 
  • How, dark, creepy, evil and way out of God’s will are these people?!

Again, if you get offended easily or are very sensitive to things that you disagree with. I would stop here and ask you to just reconsider what I am saying.

As Americans, we will go to great lengths to post stuff on social media defending the polar bear or a rhino that was killed by a wannabee hunter. We climb and chain ourselves up on trees to protest the little creatures who are becoming extinct. I am one of those that believes that we are caretakers of this wonderful planet. I believe that we will be held responsible by the Creator of the universe if we have violated or have been irresponsible in taking care of what God has given us to nurture.

—Yet I see the total and incredibly hypocritical way that the same people who will drive, fly or sail hundred, if not thousands of miles to save a dolphin or whale or spotted owl, have the sensitivity of a trained underworld assassin when it comes to human babies!


When I see people blatantly and angrily being pro-murder of kids, their very own kids, this is what runs through my mind…

  • …“Yay, I am now free to unbuckle my midsection and go about my business. Then I will just kill the thing that is living and growing inside of me for my convenience.” ….
  • …Because your parents did that to you, right!….HAad your parents had the same hypocritical mentality that you now espouse, you would not be here!
  • …..If you go through great lengths of protecting whatever creature you do and shove your beliefs on others.
  • Or if you have signed any piece of paper promoting the protection of any creature, and you get angry at those who want to protect human babies along with the rest of the creatures living here on earth.
  • And you are willingly and blatantly telling people to mind their own business when it comes to human babies.
  • Because after all, it’s your body and you can do whatever you want with it.
  • And your man agrees 100% with you.
  • You my friend are being hypocritical.
  • The baby has its own egg-like embryonic protection. Just like those baby eagles, spotted owls, and other endangered species do.
  • That baby inside of you is an independent and viably living creature who needs your help the most!

I pray and hope that if you disagree with my assessment, that yu will go and meditate on what I have said. Because the God of this universe, is a Protective Creator, He will hold us all accountable for his little creatures. All of His creation not just the ones you want to pick and choose to help save.

If you have had an abortion, reach out to God. He is an unbelievably gracious and merciful Lord.

Need God?

How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God

Know God












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