No Super Game for Me |Super Bowl 2019


  • First off, this is not a condemnation for all you beloved football fans. I understand the love that fans have for their teams.
  • But, for me, I don’t have that love for professional American football as I once did.
  • Nor am I am a disinfranchised fan that did not watch the game because his team did not make it to the Super Bowl.
  • I am, however, a fan that no longer cares what’s going on in a league which has some of its players, living a lifestyle so far from reality, that an average lifestyle makes no sense to them. The highly illogical life choices of some of the professional football players is basically an oxymoron. I’ll explain in a bit.

I waited a day or two after the big game to write to those who watched the game on Sunday. I am not here to judge you, but I am here to give you why I no longer watch the Professional League.

  • I was….scratch that, I am a football fan. I love watching SC play at the Coliseum. I love the pageantry of it all. I also savor high school football.

  • But somewhere between high school and professional football, a deep and dark maelstrom begins engulfing the mindset of some of the players, and it’s a pity.

  • With so much talent and money comes boredom. This is where players get into trouble on and off the field.
  • Athletes as a whole should remember that they are getting paid to do what most people loved doing as kids, and that’s play a sport that has no eternal or vital consequences to real life.
  • It is strictly, entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less. 

  • Athletes should learn that although they are individuals, with personal convictions, they have not really done much for humanity as far as making an actual dent positively where it really counts.
  • Most, have not saved a life in an emergency room. Nor have most gone to war to keep us safe.

Just a sport.png

— Before you object to this, I know that some football players have left their profession and gone to defend our country, and for those that have, I will be forever grateful.

— I am speaking to the ones that have all the material possessions and yet never really go out of their way to bless others.

  • I am not speaking about money but about really going out and making this country better.
  • Yes, there are some that hold to their moral ethics to a higher standard.
  • Yes, there are those that also know how blessed they are for basically playing an extended recess time in life.
  • Those who know how blessed and fortunate they are to be playing a sport and get paid to do it, are serving their community by giving back.

— Yet there are others that think because they can throw long and precise, or run faster than the average athlete, or catch a ball made out of pigskin…okay synthetic materials…that they are somehow entitled.

  • To what?
  • To everything they want and to have people listen to every word they say.
  • When these overpaid and under trained-in-life-athletes say something, they think the whole world should hear and do whatever it is they are rambling about…
  • Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • I’ve said this once, and I’ll repeat it again, the NFL, the NCAA’s higher learning institutions, and high schools in this country should bring in some classes where they train all students and more so, young athletes from all sports.
  • Train them in what?
  • In all aspects of life; in economics, speech, being positive influences in society, having respect for all people no matter the status. Most importantly, having respect and regard for opposing political and spiritual views without making it an us versus them thing.
    I find that this is lacking in professional football and also basketball. Gone are the days where an athlete could oppose a point of view and still be courteous with his counterparts.

— Not today, we hear of people kneeling, screaming out cuss words and talking disrespectfully against our leaders and this country.

  • As if they were the enemy and not fellow countrymen or women who also love this country but have differing views.

  • — It’s time for the leaders in the NFL, NBA, and all other sports who have allowed their athletes to disrespect this country and what it stands for.
  • Again, I agree 100% with people, no matter where they stand politically, to have their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., amendment rights, to be free and able to express their rights.
  • But I also am one of those who thinks that the repercussions of not having a mouth filter balance in their work, should get what they deserve.
  • Just like most of us who work for a living, can’t go around saying things that have nothing to do with our work environment, professional athletes should watch their tongues when it comes to offending others while getting paid to do what they do.
  • And when there is an athlete that feels so strongly about a subject outside of his or her profession, go ahead and stand up for what you believe….
  • Just know that there will be retribution…
  • Just like the rest of us will have if we open our mouths in disrespect towards any of our co-workers, bosses, or customers…

— For now, since the I-can-say-or-do-anything-I-want-without-retribution-mentality has taken deep root in professional American football, I will say, no thanks, I don’t need to watch an 11-minute game full of overpaid and unappreciative millionaire athletes play a game that most of us played because we loved it…

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