Your Kingdom Above All Else |Prayer Series + Life Series

Matt 6_33.jpeg.png
Gospel of Matthew 6:33
  • What better way for me to start this year by doing something with prayer.
  • Praying intentionally requires us to get rid of all the white noise around us.
  • What is white noise?
  • Anything that keeps us from concentrating and giving our full attention to the LORD.

  • I am talking about your:
  • Cell phones
  • Radios
  • TV’s
  • Video games
  • Significant other
  • Family
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • These are just a few of our favorite things that need to be less while we communicate with our Maker.
    I have found that the times I want to get rid of all the above, and more:
  • Someone will call or text me.
  • Or I get a text saying something about this politician or that sports team.
  • I may get a call from someone I haven’t heard in a while.
  • Or, I can all of sudden hear something happening outside.
  • Whatever it is, I have learned to drown out the noise. All that white noise is not good for us. This is not the way were created.

God had something perfectly planned for all of us in the Paradise our forefathers called the Garden.
Yet, we managed to kill a good deal…and before blaming Adam and Eve, I often wonder how we ourselves would do in that place. Walking and talking with God and taking Him for granted.

  • My pen.jpeg
    —All this to say—
  • What is your weakness?
  • Whatever it may be, God has it covered.
  • If you feel you can’t sit and pray, stand and pray!
  • If you can’t sit or stand to pray, go for a walk and pray!
  • If you need music to pray, play that funky music.
  • As long as you are not caught up in the action instead of the worship and communication.

Remember, first make God your priority. With Him, in Him and through Him in Your prayers. That’s all he’s ever wanted. Your undivided attention, adoration, and communication…


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