The God of Love & Bananas! |Letters to My Kids

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*New King James Version

Letters to My Kids Series

My little Dude(Rosh),

You just got done spending some time with us over the weekend. It is a joy watching you grow up. As I sit here smiling at all the toddler antics you can create, I want you to learn the lesson of the banana.
When you woke up early on Sunday, and we were getting ready, you decided to grab a banana and told Nana you wanted to share it with Poppa. We had bought those specifically for you.
I was in the bathroom getting ready and could hear the conversation you were having with Nana. It was music to my ears. The thought of you being that young and wanting to share something with your Poppa made me joyful.
But the temptation was too strong for your little mind, hands, and mouth.

  • I kept hearing Nana say, “Are you still sharing with Poppa?”

I had to smile because I knew what was happening…
That banana you had in your hands was calling out to you! Begging for your attention. Your little toddler stomach was, like always, super hungry. You had this wonderfully delicious fruit in your hand, and your stomach was on empty.

  • So your little toddler body was hungry and wanting to continue to feed itself. But your spirit wanted to share with Poppa.

I heard Nana asking you the same question four times. I listened to you answering her four times. You would come knocking at the bathroom door and asking, “Poppa, Rosh share the banana with you?”
I couldn’t help but laugh and answer, ”Hey! Don’t eat it all! Hold some for me!”

  • At that very moment, I saw myself as a toddler and God as my  Poppa.

The joy of giving of ourselves and our blessings are just like that banana. You see, God owns everything. Our houses, our jobs, our spiritual and physical blessings. He holds this whole universe. Yet, when we give with a cheerful and willing heart, He takes joy in it.
Why? Because just like when I could hear you happily wanting to share your banana with me, I knew how hungry you were. I knew that you had just woken up and that you, at that moment, had the thought of sharing your banana with me. That moment was a joyful satisfaction because you were acknowledging the relationship that you and I have built.

  • Even when at the very end, the tenth of the banana was all you could muster to give your Poppa, it was all that I needed!

I looked at your famished little chunky toddler face of joy in giving me what you could handle giving me. All I could do was laugh, and cut that tiny small piece of banana into two and give some back to you.

  • You will learn that God is the same way. He is not some angry old man jotting down every little mistake we do. Nor is He looking at how much we give Him.

His love for us is so much more than what we can ever give Him. He doesn’t need our money or possessions. He owns everything.
Rosh, all He wants is your little heart. He wants you to acknowledge and share your heartfelt joys, sorrows, and pieces of your bananas with Him. Because like Poppa, God is enjoying just observing and hearing your fruits and temptations of life…

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Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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