The Love of God~The Godly Love |Valentine’s Day 2019

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This post is dedicated to my wonderful and patient wife who has put up with me these last 36 years.  

  • One day to celebrate your spouse is not enough. The selfless acts I see my wife do 365 days a year would need a decade to celebrate. The sacrifice I see her do for our marriage and the love she has for Christ is a witness and testimony to her love for others.

—Reminds me of the historical figure who selflessly went against the foolishness of a specific law during the Roman Empire period.
Valentine’s Day, like most of the other holy day traditions, is based on an actual person in history.
—He was a Christian man named Valentine, who lived during a time of a one world government who had almost 100% complete control of their citizens.
—This honorable Christian is said to have gone against a very vacuous law making most young people unable to marry during that time.

—It is believed that Claudius Gothicus II (see links below) was the one who ordered Valentine to be put to death. Valentine had married a young couple because of their spiritual conviction of staying faithful to God and to one another.  

—The law did not impact most Roman citizens. That era was filled with hedonism and adultery. it was a way of life for a large majority of Romans.

—Yet, the small remnant of Christians who were growing in number, had to make a decision. One that was of life and death. The decision to become one in the sight of God was more important than the laws of men. Even powerful men like the Emperor. 

—We know that Valentine was dragged to the Prefect’s place where he was condemned to be beaten with clubs and beheaded for marrying a couple who was in love, committed to their faith and to God.

—Today we see the world going in the same direction as the Roman Empire. Christians are beaten, harassed and ridiculed for their faith and their beliefs. 

  • I encourage you all my fellow brethren, honor God and His Laws.
  • Honor your spouse. Husbands, love your wives like Christ loves His church.
  • Wives, respect your husbands as Christ respects His Father.
  • Both, submit to God and one another. No matter who or what law is in charge of your lives. 

—One thing I know, Emperors come and go, governments come and go, laws come and go. God stands forever in His throne. His laws and His Word do not change. They are true today as they were yesterday and tomorrow. 

—Happy Valentine’s Day. May you love one another in the true spirit of this day. No matter what happens. Stay true to each other and to the LORD God of the universe….

P.S. Love you Mary…Always have and always will. 




  • References:

Claudius II Gothicus – 268-270 AD



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