Happy Valentine’s Year! |Valentine’s Day 2020

Pic of my wife and me 6 years ago

Today is a special day. No, not the commercialized version, and not the overwhelmingly fantasized version where both men and women become so enamored with this day, that they forget their loved one. 

This dedication is to my wife. She is an amazing woman who selflessly gives all who know her an extraordinary kindness that is very rare nowadays. 

I will be spending time with her as we always do. Because 1 day cannot make up for the other 364 days.

Today is a day to acknowledge the incredibleness of it all. But, she knows that today is just a cherry on top of the blessed life we’ve had. Our Valentines are not the gifts or cards, they are the living testimonies walking around that we produced with the love of Christ and also, the love and sacrifice of the real Valentine…So here’s to another blessed year to my wife and me. 

It was around this time almost a decade ago I found out I had kidney cancer. So, my being here is genuinely added blessings. 

LORD willing, He gives me many more Valentine days because it would mean that I got to spend the other 364 days times the years, with my wife. And that is more special than 1 day out of the year…

Happy Valentines Year!

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