Choose You This Day —The Way of the LORD or The Way of The World |Politics 2020

I will be covering these important issues from a Christian perspective & why it’s so necessary as parents to inculcate the ways of The LORD, or the world and all its destructive forces will teach them the way of the world.

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How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God

Know God

Paz Con Dios

Pasos para la Salvación PDF


Act for America

ACT! for America Education

Family Research Council (FRC)


California Online Voter Registration

AccountabilityAdoptionAsk God to help youBe Still & HealBe thankfulBe Transformed and Renewed DailyBeing ThankfulBlessings of our nationCelebration of Life!Challenge SocietyChrist aloneChristian BasicsChristian Leaders CollegeChristian Leaders InstituteChristian loveChristian PersecutionChristian Short Drills SeriesChristian WalkChristians exploding through the worldChristians Take ActionCLIDisciple and be DiscipledDiscipleship SeriesElection TuesdayElections 2020EncouragementEyes on GodEyes on OthersFreedomFresh StartGod Keeps His PromisesGod never leaves us!God’s GraceHealing MarriagesHow to know GodJust WriteLeadershipLeadership 101Let Jesus in!Letters to my kidsLife’s wondersLove Conquers AllMaintain Your House in OrderMarriage ChallengeMemoriesMen & Women of GodMen and women in MilitaryMen of GodOn Prayer & Meditationoscarrocawriter.comParents are the Main TeachersPeople of GodPowerful PrayerPray for Persecuted ChurchPray for your Children, Their Children and Children’s ChildrenPray for your spousePray Powerfully, Powerfully PrayProphecyPsalmist HeartPure, Lovely and Good thoughtsRepent & ReceiveSon & Holy SpiritTake First StepsThe Cross of ChristThe Dark Deception by Oscar RocaThe Gospel’s SimplicityThe Power of ActionsThe power of wordsThe tomb is emptyTrue FreedomTuesday RestartWe Praise The FatherWisdom from the PsalmsWisdom of ProverbsWords to make one wiseTagged Change this countryDisciple and be DiscipledDiscipleshipDiscipleship SeriesDisciplingEmpeachmentEmpeachment 2020Family DiscipleshipGet rid of bad applesGo and change this countryGo discipleGod ForgivesGod gives fresh startsGod has it coveredGod has your backGod hearsGod is always thereGod is always there for youGod is bigger than your problemsGod is LoveGod is there for usGod is with youGod loves youGod Takes Care of UsGod will always be there for youGod With UsGod’s cleansing is what is neededGod’s loveGod’s Love for AllGod’s MightGod’s Perfect TimingGod’s Promises are not in vainGod’s SovereigntyGod’s WordGodIsInControlJesusJesus can set you freeJesus changes lives which mattersJesus died for youJesus healsJesus is aliveJesus is GodJesus is LordJesus is The LightJesus is the only wayJesus is the TruthJesus is the WayJesus is The Way Truth and LifeJesus Loves youJesus makes you newJesus MessiahJesus on the CrossJesus only One that can change usJesus savesJesus sets you freeJesus stands at your doorJesus the Lamb of GodJesus The MessiahJesus the Messiah of the worldJesus the SaviorJesus=Yeshua=Jehovah is SalvationLetters from PoppaLetters to my kidsLetters to my Kids SeriesLetters2MyKidsMadhouseNot congress or SCOTUS or POTUS bu the peoplePoint them to ChristPOTUSSCOTUSSOTUState of the UnionState of the Union feb 2020Term limitsThe Union is DividedTime to change within!TrumpUnited StatesVote morally not with PartyVote Morals-you’ll never go wrongVote your morals 2020Vote Your Morals not what you thinkVoting 2020We need civility not sewer mouthsWe need new Representation in CongressWe Need Statesmen Not PoliticiansYou are the generation to chnage this country for God

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