A house divided cannot stand |America, The Last Great hope

Matthew 12:25
Flag Courtesy of FreePik.com

From a Hispanic Christian COnservative

—The world is watching while   We fight amongst ourselves The screams & shouts are vile        Had you rocks you’d throw pelts upon pelts!

—As if we are strangers in our own home      Heaping hate & anger at each other  Spewing insults with rabid mouthy foams     Family against family brother against brother!

—You wear white, which stands for purity        You stand in ovation, for saving trees wholeheartedly           Then the President says all life will be saved to posterity       All of you remaining silent, frowning collectively  with immaturity!

—A 100 year old man from Tuskegee  Is rewarded for his service with glee    Yet you white coats sit there with dark whispers    A black brigadier general & all you do is hiss like vipers!

—The country is watching      You’re not woke or rising           The people are seeing & catching        Your hate, your lies & failed brainwashing!

—Time to serve your country right       Time to stop your agenda of spite        Time to serve your country with all your might!

—Leave the failed agenda at home Leave the hate, it’s time for Great Shalom!     Unite our people instead of divide       This goes for all political sides!

—Our country is in peril       Those in office are extremely feral     Biting & scratching one another   That’s all they do & solutions are unbothered

—LORD, help us all     Before this country falls       LORD you’re the solution     To this heinous dissolution

—I call upon all    To take the important call         Call on God & seek Him      All is not grim      If we humble ourselves to Him

If you want for this country to mend, please pray for this nation. If you want to have personal peace, I encourage you to click on the links below.

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Steps to Peace With God

Know God

Paz Con Dios

Pasos para la Salvación PDF


Act for America

ACT! for America Education

Family Research Council (FRC)


California Online Voter Registration

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