Did you watch the Halftime show?! |NFL Superbowl LIV


—You can’t complain about something if you keep going back to it or rebuying their brand. If the thing is making you angry, get rid of it once and for all!

—The NFL is a brand. When you stop watching & buying that brand, they will stop showing whatever they want & start listening to you, the customer!

—It is this simple. Stand your ground, make a commitment to stop watching their manure. The more fans they lose, the faster they will go back to family-friendly halftime shows.

—The NFL is rotting from the inside. It is a symptom of what’s going on in our society. 

Either society changes it, or it will change society. 

—If you are a Christian and don’t have a problem with your kids or grandkids watching halftime shows the NFL has put out, don’t be surprised when your children start acting and dressing like those people you so joyfully and nonchalantly were watching.

—Before you say anything, yes, I have watched stuff on TV I shouldn’t have. Yes, I have watched Super halftime shows, and yes, I must admit, I knew they were terrible to watch. That is why I stopped watching my favorite team, the Oakland Raiders. I was five or six when I saw the great Raider teams of the 70s and 80s. 

I could name any player on those teams, my wife and I went to the games at the Coliseum. Until I could no longer take my family because it was no longer safe. I watched a poor Seahawks fan get jumped by Raider fans, taking their frustration out on him for losing to the Patriots in the playoffs. I must admit, it was a few years later that I made a commitment to no longer watch my team. But this incident was just one reason.

——The Raider Organization is like the adulterous wife who leaves her blue-collar working husband. Escapes during the night to Los Angeles to be with her sun-drenched and cool actor lover. Only to get tired of the lover and go back to her blue-collar working husband for a short while. The same adulterous hoochie-mama then decides she’s bored and tired of her ordinary and boring life, so she sells herself out to a pimp in Vegas, searching for a fast and easy life of money, power and excitement! Or like the cheating husband who decides the wife of his youth who has been by his side all these years, working extremely long hours to help with all the bills, suddenly leaves her for a younger more glamorous gal down in LA. Since the low-life is always using up the women he’s with, he decides to go back to his wife so she can take care of all his bills. Once the bills are paid up, he decides to go to Vegas, because in the cheater’s words,” What happens in Vegas, stays in sin town.”

—So you see, when I tell you that you have to make a decision of whether you are finally fed up with watching the NFL do whatever it wants and pander to whomever it wants, without regard to the customer-viewer, you. And you definitely want to do something about it, it’s pretty simple, stop watching, buying, talking about your favorite NFL team. Stop watching the playoffs and the Super Bowl. I did with the Raider organization. I decided to drive away and leave them behind, looking in the rear view mirror just once, and never looking back!

Let the NFL know in actions and not words. 

Most people will keep complaining about what’s going on on TV and sports but are very unwilling to shut down their cable service. They are reluctant to stop buying their favorite team merchandise. 

Then and only then will the NFL stop their ways. But until people make up their minds to stop watching and supporting the NFL, we will continue to see and complain about whether so and so singer had a wardrobe malfunction, or such and such player knelt during the anthem.

As for me and my house, we stopped complaining and ceased buying our team merchandise and watching NFL teams on TV anymore.

I know we are only one family, but my conscience is at peace. Those people who want to continue attending and rooting for their team have every right to do so…just like those players who want to kneel or protest other things…this is their God-given right to do so. 

I will not be watching and supporting the NFL. That is my God-given right to do so. When enough people stop watching and paying, then and only then will the NFL have to change halftime…They can have whatever commercials and halftime shows they want. Who cares…


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