Press On & Don’t Look Back! |Christian Walk


  • So this morning, I am up extra early.
  • Do my personal devo.
  • I get ready for a big test early.
  • Ace the test.
  • Take a shower.
  • Feeling like a million bucks.
  • Step out the door ready to take in the world (As in absorb all of the Lord’s goodness in this world)!
  • Start my car.
  • I see our recycling truck coming.
  • It’s the last can. I’ve put the trash bins in already.
  • I open my truck door, spring in my steps.
  • Go & grab the bin like it’s my last mission in life.
  • I am passing by my truck, which has been warming up.
  • Ready to go take on my goals for today…
  • Carefully place my trash bin where it belongs…
  • Trash bins put back…check …
  • Turn towards my car, open the door….open the door…open the door…uncheck!
  • It happens to be locked!
    A thousand things about myself go through my mind…call my wife to get second alarm… she rushes to my rescue.
  • Just a small hindrance, I think to myself.
  • Click on the unlock button in second alarm key…dead battery on second new alarm key.
  • Call AAA, they come & open the door… now I’m ready for a nap. Go back defeated with a pillow over my head & a million negative things on my mind.

No, I didn’t do that, I seized the moment & am writing this to tell everyone, don’t give up, don’t give in, setbacks will come, & setbacks will go.
It’s what you make things out to be in life. God has your back
so go & make bad situations regret they ever came your way!

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