A Father’s Day Letter To My Kids |Letters To My Kids Series

Deuteronomy Chapter 6

Letters to my Kids Series
A Father’s Day Follow Up

Deuteronomy 6:1-8

Yesterday was a pretty memorable day for me. To be more precise, each day is extremely special to me. I had cancer a few years back. The things that I took for granted are the things I cherish now. My wife and kids, and now their kids. The relationships in my life and those unique family and friends moments that can never be relived.
These are the things which drive me every day to reinvent myself for His kingdom. It took a severe sickness for me to realize the preciousness of it all.

Kids if you are reading this today, do not take life for granted.
We are born with a certain amount of days and then hopefully, I know you know God as I do; so when your days are done here in this life, you can step into eternity knowing that your Redeemer lives. The Redeemer of your life. The decision that all of you made to Christ is what I am most proud of, and this is the greatest gift a father can ever get from his kids.
I know that my Redeemer lives. Jesus gave me additional time to get to know my grandkids. I ask Him to provide me with even more time so that I may continue teaching you and the grandchildren. That’s what I am supposed to do above all else. Point all of you to the Redeemer of Life. To the One in whom I put my unwavering trust.

You see, without Jesus, there is no life past this existence. Not an experience that you want to go through on your own. Jesus came to Redeem and pay for all my failures.

Without Christ, I would not be able to face my eternal entrance the way I will be. Without God’s grace and mercy, I would be condemned to a perpetual payment so horrific, that I would cry out for mercy day and night forever, with no ability to pay personally for the sins I committed in this life.
Kids, when my days draw to an end here on earth, I want you to continue teaching my grandchildren about our personal faith in Jesus, our Savior.
Let them know what Christ did for them. It’s not popular today to talk about personal sins or a place called hell. Even my autocorrect did not want me to spell hell.
However, just because society doesn’t want to acknowledge that word, hell is genuine. Just like heaven is a powerfully real place.
What I experienced yesterday on Father’s Day as a family, was incredible.

Yet, the most rewarding experience for me will be seeing all of you and welcoming you into God’s kingdom, the second time. Since you accepted and committed yourselves to God here on earth, the second welcoming will be even more incredible.

I ask that if anything should happen before all my grandkids have the understanding of making a personal commitment to God, that all of you continue to point them to the Lord.
My Father’s Day was incredibly special because I thought of my dad here on earth and my Heavenly Dad, who is preparing a place for all of us. I know that should God bring me home, all of you will be fine. I want this for my grandkids too…


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