Supernatural Kinda’ Love |Christian Walk Series

I have changed the names of my neighbors out of respect for them and their privacy. This happened on 7-1-2019:

We were woken up by a loud thunderous noise around 5:40ish in the morning. My wife and I knew what that dreadful sound was. Car alarms went off, and I thought it was my daughter’s car parked in front of our house.
I got up, my wife got on her phone right away and called 911. The impact of the collision that happened was pretty damaging.
After hurrying outside, I saw our neighbors across the street, walking out.
“Are you okay?” Dan asked the gentleman who had hit his son Nathan’s car and totaled it.
I saw the man sitting in his car, a little bit of blood running down his nose and knew he was in good hands with our neighbor. My neighbor’s wife Sheryl was in her element, she went back and forth with the man in the car, and then to her son, and to the police officers who had arrived pretty quickly; she remaining calm, cool and collected during these stressful moments.
Sheryl went back into her house to get her cell and started taking pictures of the scene once she was back outside.

“Their poor son was stunned. The nice looking car of his, had been struck hard; the impact opened up the passenger doors and the gas tank opening, which was on the opposite side of the collision. The car is not drivable.

The man who collided into my neighbor’s car was driving to his new place going West up our street and had fallen asleep from all the busyness of moving. It was his last load, and he must have been exhausted.

What should have been a left turn at the stop sign for him, turned into one of those surreal tragic moments in one’s life where you wish you could have done a thousand things differently.

Once I knew the man was physically okay, I asked if he wanted some coffee, and Dan jumped on it, telling the guy that he already had a pot ready. My neighbor dashed into his house to get the coffee for the poor man who was still a little dazed and confused, inside his crashed vehicle.

The man who crashed had called his wife who came to help him out. She had a baby in her car, and Sheryl dropped everything she was doing, including being by her son’s side to minister to the wife of the man and her baby.

Sheryl stood next to the window where the baby was and let the man’s wife go and help her husband, or at least, go to make sure that he was all right.

When the incident was all done, and I knew everyone was okay, I went up to reflect on what I had joyously seen.
Yes, I did say joyously.
You see, I know my neighbors. They are Christians. Even in the disheartening event of losing one car and also needing work on their truck, they could have gone into DEFCON 5, but they didn’t.
Instead, both of them ministered to the couple and their baby.

I got to talking to the officer who was at the scene first and left last, said he had never seen such goodness from any scene he’d been in. He thanked all of us for rushing in, and helping the guy and his family out.
Honestly, I didn’t do anything but just reassure the young couple and tried to be there for my neighbors. I encouraged them to take this in stride and that they had been blessed not to have anyone physically hurt.
Dan and Sheryl, also told the young couple the same thing.

All this to say is, that God’s love and sweet smelling aroma permeated the scene in our street.

The young guy and his wife went home, thanking God it wasn’t worse.
Our neighbors showed the world what Christian love is.
I got to witness the surprise reaction and ministering to the man and his wife. Also got to talk to the officer and encourage his “cynical”(his words) mentality from years and years of seeing the darkness of this world firsthand.
He said he wanted to move to our block because what he saw was abnormal. He usually has to calm the people at the scene down and take control. He didn’t have to do that this morning, and for that, I am blessed to be part of.

My neighbors, my wife and I know where this superantural kind of love comes from. It is the connection we have to Jesus, the King of this universe. He gives us this kind of love for our neighbors. It doesn’t come from us, becasue if it did, the reaction from Dan, Sheryl and Nathan and the rest of us, would have been different. Had it been different, then there would be no sweet smelling aroma to give but just another pile of rubbish to be added to this hurting world.

The Lord was manifested in the kind of calming peace that my neighbors showed…

Enough to leave a sweet smelling fragrance to the people that had damaged their property…

If you don’t have this kind of calming peace or supernatural kinda’ love, you can have it. Just get to know God personally:

How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God

Know God

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