This Agenda, that Agenda! I Worry Not!

Our country is in an identity crisis. We have lost our way. There are too many voices in our country’s head fighting to get their selfish means.
Some of these voices are from a small minority who have planted an agenda that is going to take our country into chaos.

Additional ideologies are creeping into the psyche of our country. Mindsets that 40 years ago would be laughed out of existence have taken root in society.

I am not here to debate hate or division. I am here to try and bring some sanity back. I will use only one ideology whose agenda has gone overboard…

One ideology wants the whole world to know their sexual orientation 24/7/365 day a year. As if sexual orientation is the only thing that people identify themselves as a whole. This agenda has permeated every aspect of our culture to the point that it has lost its meaning, and rightly so.
You see, when I wake up, I don’t get ready to do battle against everyone else who may not be a Hispanic heterosexual Christian male. I don’t walk out and great my neighbors by saying,” Hey neighbor; you know that I am a Hispanic Hetero Christian male! I just want to make sure you know this!”
Alternatively, if I am at a gathering, I don’t wear a Tshirt stating Straight Hispanic Christian Male in the House! Wouldn’t that be absurd?
So why are we being inundated with an agenda that is sweeping the nation and taking over TV programs, News, Shopping centers, and Public Schools? Me being Hispanic does not make me want to tell everyone that I am Hispanic. I think they’ll be able to tell. Me being a straight male will also not make me want to tell everyone I am. This too, will be evident.

This is the most essential point:
Me being a Christian is also one of those things that people should see. If I have to tell that I am a Christian, then I have failed to show them Christ’s love.
We are in a spiritual-mental battle for the next couple of generations. We cannot be divisive, nor can we just stand there not doing anything about it.
We don’t have to scream They vs. us.

  • What we must do is:
  • Pray for guidance from the One who created all of us.
  • Follow what Our Lord and Savior told us:
 "By this, people will know you are my disciples. What is the THIS Jesus was talking to His disciples about?

It was the selfless and unchanging Love of Christ. A kind of love that moves mountains, and tears spiritual strongholds apart. The type of love that destroys division in families. Love that unites instead of tearing apart. Love that serves others instead of taking advantage of them.

Once we have this kind of love, we can then do the third part without having to tell others what we are doing. We need to go into the world and notify them of Christ’s love for them. The undying-selfless-sacrificial love that has withstood invading armies, Coliseum lions, Roman masters, and Ceasers, beheadings, floggings, crucifixions, burning at stakes and power hungry spiritual shepherds who should have known better.

This is what Christ wants form us. He doesn’t want us to go toe to toe with all these agendas. Because here’s the secret:

Agendas come and go. Ideologies come and go. Political pressure comes and goes. Politicians come and go. Tech company fascists come and go; but God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His will is going to be done. No person, country, political power, or satanic hordes will ever get in His way. They have tried, and they have failed. These agendas will look influential, but they are already defeated by the Most Holy One of the universe.

We must not waiver; we must stand firm in Him. Not by power or might but by the Spirit of The Living God will He conquer hearts and minds…

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