I Got You My Child! |Letters to my Kids Series

Dear Grandson,
I was walking with you recently, and as you ran in the grass as fast as you were able to get to the next set of trees, I thought of this:

These trees have huge roots coming out of the ground. These are pretty perilous if you don’t see them. I should know, about a decade ago on a Sunday, I was walking our dogs at four in the morning before going to church to serve. The dogs were puppies and very clumsy, specially the boy. He bumped into me regularly and that morning, he was already at eighty pounds. As he walked in front of me, the sidewalk’s hump which was made by the same trees you so joyfully and gingerly were walking on top of, made me stumble and fall.
The tree roots unearthing the sidewalk, the awkwardness of the puppies still learning to walk in unison with me, and my balancing muscles not fully awake yet at four in the morning, caused the perfect storm for the fall. I broke my pinky finger that morning.

Now I was watching you running and stopping between trees right before getting to the same big and visible roots where a decade ago I stumbled and broke a finger. You were waiting for me to grab your hand. That is one of the rules I have for you, and one that you learned early on when you started walking with me. You are always to wait for me to walk on anything that looks bumpy or when crossing streets, this rule included these big ol’ roots.

As I saw you going at full speed, I was joyful to see you run and laugh and then wait for me so I would take your hand. You still listen to us and it is a wonderful thing to see you joyful.

As you grabbed my hand you would say, “You got me Poppa?”
I would just smile and say, “I got you dude!”
And you would grab my hand harder while happily walking like a tight rope artist through the root gauntlet.

It makes me think of how God is delighted with His kids in the same way. He wants us to listen to Him so that we will be like you running through the gauntlet of uprooted sidewalks and unearthed roots. I want you to always grab a hold of God no matter where you are in life.

God has set rules and boundaries in our lives so that we don’t hurt ourselves while we are here on our life journey. You see my grandson, by constantly listening to God and hearing His guidance, we too could grab hold of God’s hand as we are tightroping through the treacherous paths that we come across on our journey.

God will always say,”I got you My child! Continue holding on to Me and I will guide you through the tough parts of life. Sometimes you will fall, but I will always be there stretching My Hand out to help you back up and protect you.”

Isn’t it time to listen and be guided by the Creator of this universe? The God who knows this earth’s dangers inside and out?

Why don’t you grab a hold of God and allow Him to have your back on the journey you are going through? I promise that you will be better off with Him by your side.
He will always say,” I got you my child!”…

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