Be Still & Heal |God’s Attributes for Calamities

Be still and know that I am God. We hear or read this over and over in the Bible. It is not until we are going through an excruciating ordeal that we seek answers; this is human nature. As humans, we tend to seek a higher power to guide us through hard periods in life.
However, most people will wait to speak to God only after the painful and mental ordeal of trying to cope with things on our own.
Do you notice I include myself in this too? That’s because I have learned to seek God consistently and be still enough to hear Him reply. No, I am not crazy, nor do I see dead people….

The voice of God is not audible, although, in recent times, people in the remotest parts of the world have seen and heard Jesus speak to them; this is for another blog post.
What I’m saying is this, God still speaks to His people. He is still The LORD, who is outside of time and space. He is everlasting. No beginning and no end. He is whom all of us have a direct line to, and it’s better than a Bat signal or 911 call when it comes to mental and spiritual health.

You see, my God is a Healer. The best Healer you can have. He is called YHWH-Rapha or the LORD Healer or The LORD who heals. Yet, here’s the most incredible thing I find, the same word for being still and to heal, have the same root word—rapha.
One is Rapha—to heal.
The other is Raphah— to be still.
Both are signs of God’s omnipresence, which means that God is here, there and everywhere, all at once.

All this to say:
Whatever awful or despicable things you are going through, God is there for you.
Be still, speak to Him. How? Just start chatting as if you are talking to a loved one. If you are past the talking stage, cry out to Him. He is here for you. The only requisite is to be still. This means that you have to drown out all the noise around you— TV, Internet, Cell phone, friends, etc..

Find a quiet place; this could be your bedroom, closet, bathroom, or a public area where you go to think as long as nothing is disturbing you from being still enough to hear God’s still small voice.
Make talking with God a priority. Tell Him everything that is on your mind. All the bad, all the good, all your dreams and goals. Ask Jesus to forgive you on anything that is keeping you from Him. Any wrongs you have committed, any hangups you have, any fears or insecurities. He is there to listen to you; but here’s the most critical part— He is there to speak and guide you through it all. You just need to be still and know He is there.
When you sit still, two things are happening:

The first thing is that you are connecting to the most powerful Being in this universe. The one who created and maintains all of the universe. Every single atom of life is in His hands. Being still heals you.
Secondly, as you speak and listen to God, He becomes the Healer. Jesus came to heal people from all kinds of problems.
Let Jesus into your life. He is the Way, The Truth and The Life. He is also the only one that can raise you from the dust, dirt, and ashes because He is the Resurrection and the Life.

If you don’t know how to talk to God, or you don’t know God, I invite you to get to personally know Him:

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