I am Willing…Be Free! |Attributes of God Series

He has set the captives free… He sets people chained up free!

Today is a solemn day for me. On this day back in 1996, my brother Eddie went home to be with the LORD. He was 33 years of age. He was not, by any means, a saintly person. He had fought with the wickedness of alcohol and lost the battle.

He had gotten a managerial job in a plush hotel in Mexico City, where he would entertain guests coming in from all over the world, and this was his downfall.
Yet, I know one day I will see him again. You see, we had been going back and forth on my faith. He would call from the hotel he worked at and would quickly say hello and ask about my faith. I was always telling him that we were praying for him. He would just laugh and say goodbye.

I thought he was not interested, but it turns out that he was listening to everything I was saying and by what I was doing as a husband and father to my babies.

He called me and his voice was different, he was not tipsy, and he sounded serious.
“Oscar, I have committed my life to Christ,” he said joyfully.
At first, I was skeptical. But the more my brother spoke to me over the phone, the more I realized he had committed himself to a faith in Christ.
I wish I could say that my brother was able to change his lifestyle. But the job he had was too tempting for him. The tourists my brother would take on a tour of the city would become like friends. These tourists who did not know the LORD allowed the alcohol and partying to start drawing my brother into their circles.

I don’t blame the job he had; I blame him. No one put a gun to his head and made him drink. He knew he was wasting away his life physically. And he understood that he was on his way to losing himself spiritually.
I would hear my brothers voice on the phone, most of the time, he had been drinking.

Now I know that when he would call, it was as if he needed to hear a familiar voice telling him to stop doing what he was doing before it was too late. My brother knew I didn’t drink, and he was proud of me for not touching the stuff.

So when the call came, and my brother told me the great news of his commitment, I prayed harder for him because I knew that the hardest test for him was beginning. The enemy and alcohol would not let a slave go free that easy.

Six months after my brother had committed himself to Christ, his battle with alcohol was over. He had lost the battle, but he had won the war. His body had taken too much of a beating with the abuse. Yet Eddie is now home with the LORD. He had asked for help at the last hour of his life. Did he know he was going to die? I don’t think so. He had plans. He wanted to quit his job and come back State side. He never made it back home…scratch that…my brother Eddie finally made it to his true home…

I write this extremely personal story so that those reading this who are chained up to this horrible sin of alcohol abuse or drugs or whatever else that is holding you captive, by encouraging you. I want to give you hope.

The hope of Jesus the Savior of this world. The same Jesus who set the captives free from sickness, from death and from Hell.

If you are reading this and are struggling with anything, ask God to help you break the chains. If you have seen your father and grandfather, your mother or grandmother in some kind of addictive bondage, it’s time for you to break the cycle!

You can’t do it. I know, because the power to be set free comes from God. Allow Him to break the chains and vicious cycle which has enslaved you and your loved ones.
Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins. Ask Him to help you break the chains that are keeping you enslaved and not moving forward. Ask him to break the cycle so that your kids and grandchildren will not go through the same hopelessness.

It’s time to set yourself free with the help of the One that came to set the captives free from Hell and the pre-cursers of Hell. Be free!

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