Hospitality Anyone? |Christian Basics Series

Acts Chapter 2

The secret to the early church was something to behold. The original twelve disciples and their families learned from our Lord Himself. They in turn passed it on to the seventy which in turn continued to pass on once the original twelve disciples were gone. But what made this incredible early church successful. One of the things was being hospitable to all who came to hear the Good News of Christ.

First off, the love of Jesus. Without this Agape love, they would not have had the success they did. When our Lord laid down His life for His disciples, there would be no way for the original twelve to go back to the way things were. Jesus had become our living sacrifice, wholly acceptable to the Father. He humbly and obediently went to the cross and exalted Himself above all names and therefore opened the way for the rest of humanity to follow. This kind of love is not natural, and Has disciples would follow Him obediently to their deaths. Because Jesus made an example of Himself as the Good Shepherd laying down His life for His sheep. 

Secondly, the disciples had the very first powerful and incredible filling of the Holy Spirit, without this, the early church would not have had the success it did. Remember the original twelve cowering in the upper room while Jesus was being sacrificed on the cross for our sins? What was the turning point for these men and the rest of the disciples?  It was the power of the Holy Spirit.

Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit , says the LORD.

It is during the Pentecost after the crucifixion and ascension of our Lord, that the disciples became who they should have always been. The gospel sharing and hospitable men and women of God that would by the love, Spirit and hospitality, change the known world at the time. Without the Spirit, they would have no supernatural love. Without the love, they could not be hospitable.

Thirdly, they then had unity of spirit that would transcend anything the Romans and Jews had. They formed communities from the start which helped the early church withstand the persecution which came later. 

Fourthly, they were led to pick men who would lead the next generations of Christians into eternity. They had sense enough to know to pick elders and deacons who showed the original love and the core values which Christ taught. Part of that love was to open up ypur home to share the gospel and pray.

Fifthly, without the power of the Spirit to be hospitable, Christians can do nothing on their own. The only way to get this fine tuning is through prayer. The only way to show true Christian hospitality is to have time with God. It is not something that you can do on your own. Specially when you are exhausted or going through some personal trials. This is when you need to be prayed up in order to be filled up!

Prayer that seems to be lacking nowadays in churches because modern services have placed an emphasis on worship, sermon and small prayer. Instead of  Big prayer time, Worship and small sermons. So goes our prayer time, so goes our hospitality time. There is no way that we can be humble and sincere hosts, without being prayed up and filled by God’s Spirit.

So be prayed up, filled up, in order to love all those who come into your homes. Humbly host people, be in one accord in unity of the Holy Spirit. Also be loving enough for people to want to follow Christ . Make disciples of all who come to your homes by showing them the Christ-like hospitality, having people leave your home glorifying God for you…


If you want this pwerful kind of love and hospitality, get know God. He will do the rest:

Know God

Steps to Peace With God

How Can I know God

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