The Solemn Day —9/11 |We Will Never Forget

Us circa Fall 1987

This picture was taken circa 1987. We were young. The world seemed ripe for us to take a chunk out of it. The Big Apple was the tase treat for the whole world. The towers in back were such an incredible sight to behold. Going up their elevators to reach the top seemed even at that time, to take forever.

To me, those Two Towers, represented freedom, a fresh start in a country that gave what you gave to it. We were young and working hard. We were traveling all over this great country when we had the chance and the extra cash.

Even then, I told the people that knew me, that this was a country we took for granted. That this country’s scenic drives could give any other tourist destination a run for its money.
Back in that Fall of ‘ 87, Mary and I thought we could visit this wondrous city and it’s Twin Towers every time we visited.
9/11 changed that. What was to be a celebration of this country’s Free Enterprise, turned into a solemn moment when we visited a few years back. My wife and I will never forget nor will it ever be the same to visit that Holy Ground.

To the families of the 3,000, and those First Responders, we are praying for you. I know that in this anti-everything culture, some fools will mock that I said this. I don’t care. They are foolish and mediocre for taking something so sacred as saying a prayer for fellow human beings, and have turned it into a sacrilegious political act of Godlessness.

Godlessness, because that is where their hearts and spirits are, in darkness.
I for one, on this solemn anniversary, will be praying and thinking of those that were needlessly lost during this vicious and humanness act of cowardice.
I pray that those who mock or protest this day, will come to respect the innocent lives lost and put down their agendas, their hate and their cynicism for one day, this day…

We Will Never Forget…

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