A Contrast in Contrasting Celebrations! Birth & Rebirth!

This past weekend was a contrast for my wife Mary and me. A contrast in contrasting celebrations.
Life is about contrasts. Every day we experience these contrasts. People become rich overnight; others lose all their life savings. Some go into hospitals with life-threatening symptoms. Others, get out of hospitals exhilarated to be alive.
This weekend my wife and I mourned for our friend who lost her dad. We felt for her because of the pain of losing her father reverberated throughout all of the family members.

As I sat watching the interaction of her Christian family, it was apparent to all who witnessed this, that the family had the blessed hope of reuniting with their ‘Pap- Pap’ and ‘Nana’ someday.

We have known our friends for decades. Their kids have grown up with ours. Mary and I taught them in grade and middle school and continued through the Bible Study we’ve had for almost the same amount of years.
To say that we hurt for our dear friend is an understatement.
But for her, her husband and adult children, and grandchildren, there is an incredible hope that they all have.

You see, as Christian believers, we have the faith that one day, all of us who place our faith in the LORD, Jesus the Savior, who came to earth, became a human being, became a Jewish public figure who taught all who would listen, to have the faith that was written about thousands of years before.
Even before their were Israelites, God had foretold His Story for His children of humanity.

Jesus came proclaiming His reminder of redemption through only Him, the Living God who came as the Second Being of the Triune Godhead, which is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Living Spirit.

This reminder was also given to Abraham when God told him that through his line, there would come a blessing to all nations (Genesis 12:3). After Abraham, God came and spoke to Moses. God gave Moses a hint of what He would do for our redemption, through His Son Jesus. The Exodus story is about the Israelites breaking free of the bondage they had been going through in Egypt.

But the story is so much more. God in Exodus (12:1-12) gives Moses precise directions on the Passover Feast. The Sacrificial Lamb had to meet specific requirements. The blood of The Sacrificial Lamb would be used to protect each house from death.

The blood was to be sprinkled on the top, and sides of the doorposts of each Israelite home. In this manner, the blood-stained cross beams would save each firstborn male member of the household. Please keep this in mind when I revisit this in a bit.

Then God came to remind Israel about His plan of redemption for all mankind, not just Israel. The Prophets at different stages in His Story mentioned a coming Redeemer fulfilling all the prophecies that were written down ages before they happened.
Jesus came and fulfilled over 350 of these prophetic scriptures. Thus, the day of one day reuniting with those that have passed before us, will be a reality…

Now going back to the weekend of contrasts…

We also had the joy of celebrating a coming of new life

Mary and I had the pleasure of celebrating a new life coming in about two weeks, unless the beautiful little one, decides to come sooner! The precious young family is awaiting the arrival of their fourth child was such a joyful event.

As I ran around keeping my grandkids’ attention at bay, looking around at all the guests, I could not help but smile.

I smiled because I knew if our dear friends who had lost their dad recently were with us at this celebration, they would celebrate too.

You see, one life had departed, yet we know it is a time of celebration. And another is arriving, that too is a cause for an incredible celebration. It may be foreign to those of you reading this, unless you are a Christian, because you may not understand this.

When someone makes a commitment to Jesus as their Savior, the life and death contrast become one celebration. You see, a new birth whether from a newborn or someone passing into the next life become intertwined.

When we accept Jesus and commit to Him, we become timeless. No, not our bodies, but our spirits. Our spirits then start yearning to go to our real home. This yearning is the blessed hope of one day joining Christ in our heavenly home.

If you’re not sure if you have this blessed hope of one day being in heaven get the assurance:

Know God

Steps to Peace With God

How Can I know God

2 thoughts on “A Contrast in Contrasting Celebrations! Birth & Rebirth!

  1. Great read! True it might sound morbid to others, yet we rejoice and celebrate for another graduation. Praying for the family as they mourn their loss. I like what you said, Life is about contrasts. Every day we experience these contrasts. People become rich overnight; others lose all their life savings. Some go into hospitals with life-threatening symptoms. Others, get out of hospitals exhilarated to be alive. May we appreciate and be grateful for everything that we have. Thankful we have arms to embrace our loved ones. For God uses all this for good, praise Him as we rejoice for another year!!

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