God sees Us Like Diamonds & Pearls—Precious & Pure!

Precious stones are highly valued. Some of the rarest of gems can cost 3 million dollars per gemstone. 

Pearl necklaces can be worth up to 1.5 million dollars. Of course, all these prices are subjective. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, most people who appreciate the beauty of these gems, very rarely think of the ‘how.’ 

What I mean is this—the amount of time and pressure of each diamond results in the incredible allure of the precious stone. The more time and intense stress that gems endure the more valuable and almost perfect it becomes.

Courtesy of Tanakawho

Pearls have the same type of pressure but a different adventure. 

Most people don’t know that it is a tiny parasite that causes the oyster to try and get rid of it by secreting a fluid called ‘nacre’ into the invading little nuisance. 

The more of this fluid is injected into the parasite, the bigger the pearl gets with each layer of nacre. A little less than a decade or so, you get a pearl. Sometimes it takes more than a decade, but that would be an average period to make a thing of exquisiteness. Again, this precious stone is produced by constant friction.

In the same way that precious stones are created, our mental, physical, and most importantly, spiritual health comes from constant friction and pressure. 

The more a person works out with weights, the more the muscles have to breakdown and then get stronger. The more medical students are deprived of sleep, the better they will adapt to it until each medical student goes on an auto-drive where pressure becomes a thing that they are dealing with calmly. 

As Christians, we too don’t like trials. We want smooth sailing from start to finish. Some people can handle the spiritual warfare that comes when we become disciples of Jesus. Most people will stop serving because of these constant spiritual battles.

Parents see their kids wavering on their commitment to Christ and automatically go and try to ‘save’ their children from harm. This is the worst thing that you can do to your kids. Why? Because with strife, contention, division, anger, envy, and all the rest of the things the enemy uses against them and us, the deeper your children will have to depend on the LORD instead of running to us to bail them out. 

The more ‘friction’ we go through spiritually, the more beautiful our spirits are becoming. Just like those precious gems and pearls, the pressure and friction are what causes us to get into more profound dependence, prayer, and fellowship with others. 

Parents, I encourage you to do your best and try not to help your kids by bailing them out of critical situations that require the LORD’s help. Some of those perilous situations may be self-inflicted, and all of us need to have our Heavenly Father come to our rescue. This is the only way that we will learn, like the small parasites that embed themselves into an oyster, or diamonds weather the incredible pressure the earth places them through.

So parents, if your kids are wavering on their walks with God and you see their commitment lacking, don’t give up on them. Fasting and prayer, pointing them always to the only One that can help them, will be the way that they will come back to His presence. 

Nagging them, yelling at them, forcing them is the human way to try to bring your children or spouse back; and is always detrimental to their relationship with God and you.

Love on them, pray for them, correct them calmly, and tell them that God loves them and has not given up on them!

I am not an expert, but I know who the Great Expert is. God will be the one to mine our kids or dive deep into the dangerous oceans to bring them out of the friction and pressures of life. God will release them from their personal and tight enclosures to reveal their preciousness. Each of us and our kids are one of a kind precious gems to God. Your kids will be so refined and valuable to Christ, that their worth will be known to all. 

Just don’t give up on your kids, don’t bail them out all the time and allow God to bring out their worth……

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