Music To My Ears! |Training Up Children

Proverbs 22:6 NKJV

Poppa, I like bible study!” My grandson exclaimed. 

I turned around as I was getting ready to start our Saturday with an early breakfast. We had our Friday night study the night before, and my almost-three-year-old grandson and my practically one-year-old grand-daughter were with us.   

My grandson brought music to my ears when I heard him fluttering the pages of his children’s Bible. He was pretending to read along with the adults. 

I have been in all age group ministries. I have served kids of all ages, from babies to adults. There have been many great memories seared into my mind and spirit. Most of these have been wonderful to remember, with very few regrettable ones. 

The ones I cherish are not of significant events or church plays or retreats or after-glows. The ones that I hold close to me are the ones when I saw my children who are now adults, pick up their first bibles with the same awe of wonder and delight that my grandson did over the weekend. 

You see, it wasn’t just on Friday night and Saturday morning that my spirit leaped for joy. It was the whole long weekend. 

This happened Friday night, early on Saturday morning before we left them, and again on Monday at our family get together. Rosh just keep on telling the story of Moses and Pharaoh, with his little voice changing when retelling what God commanded Moses to say to Pharaoh!

As my little buddy was glowing with delight over learning something new the night before, he then started recollecting Bible stories that my daughter and son-in-law tell him; and this Poppa was smiling from ear to ear with humble pride.

Yes. I know those two words are opposites, but that was the feeling at that very moment. Humbleness because I see my daughter’s children learning about God, His grace, and the gift of eternal life that we can receive. That is truly humbling and satisfying. Because what I heard from this toddler-boy was like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Or like Louis Armstrong’s rendition of What a Wonderful World. Or like your favorite sports team winning the championship.

“Poppa, I liked Bible Study!” Is still resounding in my mind…and yes, still bringing an immense smile to my face as I write this.

Some of you may be saying, ” Yes, that’s wonderful, but wait until his teenage or college years, Oscar.”

If there are some of you thinking the above, I encourage you to stop and then go and pray about not giving up on your children. Because we must hang on to God’s promises always. We are always to train our children and grandchildren, drenching them in God’s word. That is our job; it is God’s Spirit to bring them to His saving grace. 

I have heard the skeptics tell me throughout the years, what if your kids are out there doing stuff they are not supposed to? Why bother, when they, sooner or later, disappoint you? 

My question every time is, ” Do you have your kids in some sport or dance or music lessons?”

Most often, the answer is, “Yes, we do.” 

Then I ask them, “Why don’t you save yourselves the time, money and aggravation; just have them quit!”

In most cases, the parents think of what I have just asked, get annoyed because they realize their folly of answering. If they say, no, it’s an investment for our kids. They may get good enough to land a scholarship. Or we want them building character. Or, it helps them focus better, etc. Whatever the answer, what would be more important than knowing and committing to Christ at an early age?

If then, they stray when they reach young adulthood, God tells us that they, our kids, will not depart from the training of the Word of God which you diligently gave them. 

So, when I hear my grandson telling me that he enjoyed sitting with the adults and listening to Poppa talk about God, it fills my heart with hope for the future generations I will leave behind to share and point others to Christ. Because, being good at sports, or playing virtuously on an instrument, or being a great investor, or being able to figure out the Laws of Physics, will never get your children or grandchildren into God’s kingdom.

I encourage anyone reading this to not give up or get tired of speaking to your children and grandchildren about the LORD. I promise you, that the eternal dividends will be worth it! All the other wonderful achievements will be icing on the cake…

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