Trust—Be Humble—Pray—Wait—Repeat!

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There are few Christians who venture into the historical books of the Bible. Most people don’t like History because it’s ‘just relating or retelling boring facts’ about people from a long time ago.
But, I see History as an essential part of learning from some of the best saints in the Bible. Also, from some key people in World History. So that I don’t confuse people, I will be using the name Israel for both Judah and Israel. Why? Because there should never have been a break up of this beautiful country. This division was all man-made, and of course, God’s Providence would allow the break-up. He knew how the TenTribes of Israel would be later on in History.

There have been very few men in the Bible who pass through the fires and live. I will speak about one of them and his early life.

Hezekiah became king of Israel a 25years of age. Nowadays, most 25-year-olds are still trying to figure themselves out. Hezekiah didn’t have that luxury; he hit the ground running and started to make things right in the sight of the LORD. He took down worship places of ill repute. The things the Israelites had gotten into by forgetting the One True God of Israel and Judah would leave most people nowadays blushing. Yet, all of Israel’s demise parallels what our country is going through, no, what most of the world is going through.
During this period of spiritual darkness and upheaval, Hezekiah reformed the worship of the LORD back to its rightful place.

The people of Israel would now get back to true worship…there was a revival…sort of...

Only a few people did right in the sight of the LORD. God had been waiting for His people to come back to a heart of worship for Him, but they did not. The warning that God gave to the Israelites in the wilderness came to pass. Now the judgments would come, and come they did.
Yet, one man, the one person who in the eyes of God, represented all of the tribes of Israel as their leader, would do good things to bring back communication with God.

I will talk about three things that I see, which Hezekiah did for the LORD to spare Israel.

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First off, Hezekiah trusted the LORD. And because he did, God had mercy on Israel for a bit. To trust in the LORD is to live life, knowing that everything will be the way God has it directed and intended it to be. Giving all our problems to God takes a massive weight off of us, and gives it to Him.
Jesus tells us to cast all our burdens on Him, why? Because he cares for His children(1 Peter 5:7). He wants the best for us, and He wants us to be able to trust in Him, not lean on our understanding, but acknowledge that He will do what’s best for us at every moment (Proverbs 3:5).

Hezekiah knew his country was in trouble. They had been sliding down the wrong path for a long time. Hezekiah knew the only one to help was God. So he placed his trust in the only One that was able to change all the tribes of Israel’s predicaments.

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The second thing Hezekiah did was to humble himself and place the freighting problem of an Assyrian invasion on the LORD. The enemy was at Hezekiah’s gates, and they were overwhelmingly more powerful than all the tribes of Israel combined. Now Judah was faced with destruction. The arrogance of King Sennacherib sending his messengers to humiliate Hezekiah before his people. One messenger, in particular, was pretentiously more arrogant than the rest. Rab-shakeh Would taunt his way back to Assyria,

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The third vital thing Hezekiah did was to put on sackcloth and ashes, meaning he knew the fate of all Israel, not just Judah was in God’s hands. All the tribes of Israel left their first love, and God was not willing to have His children stray like stubborn and stiff-necked sheep. God had waited hundreds of years patiently for His people to repent and have a revival. They did not.

Then came a God-fearing king, who had torn down all the pagan altars in high places, where all the tribes of Israel were guilty of going to worship gods that had and were still, leading them away from the One True God of Israel.

Now came the time of judgment, and the Assyrian army about 185 thousand strong, waiting for their commanders’ orders to besiege the beautiful city of David.
They would not get the chance, because of one man, Hezekiah; who went before the LORD God of all Israel, and pleaded to save his people. God heard and answered Hezekiah’s prayers through the prophet Isaiah. That same night, an angel of the LORD, took care of the 185 thousand enemies of Hezekiah.

Whatever you are going through today, remember:

Trust God with all your heart and mind.
Don’t lean on your own wisdom or understanding.
Acknowledge that you need God to help you.
Pray as your life depends on it because it does.
Wait for God, even if it takes a long time.
Then wait for the miracles that God has for your life.
Go out and make a difference for God!

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