Yom Teruah—The Blasting Shofar of God! |THE LORD’S FEASTS 2019

Yom Teruah—What is the significance of this, and the rest of the Feasts of the LORD? Why do Christians have to know these Holy Convocations?

—What would you say if I told you that as Christians, we are missing some of the most essential information given in the Hebrew Scriptures, what we call the Old Testament?

—What if I told you that by having this information, you’ll have a spiritually deeper understanding of the Second Person of the Trinity, and His character? 

—What if I told you that this information needs to be rehearsed by you and your spouse, children, and extended family every year?

—What if I said that once you have this vital information memorized, it will have you genuinely looking up to the heavens, thanking and expecting the LORD to call us home?

—What if I also said, that every year during the Fall period, we are to practice the return of our Lord Jesus?

—And that these dress rehearsals have been there for us to practice every year since the time of Moses?

But we, not knowing its full meaning, have missed its depth and relation!

To most Christians, and also to many Jewish people, the name Yom Teruah is not a familiar name. Most have heard of Rosh Hashanah, but have never heard of Yom Teruah; which is a shame. You see, Rosh Hashanah is not a High Holy Day, scripturally speaking; it was started during the Babylonian captivity and had nothing to do with the LORD’s Feasts. 

It is not a Holy Day instituted by God, so I’ll be teaching about Yom Teruah instead. Yom Teruah has a few unique things that none of the other Moedim or Holy Appointed times have.

Yom Teruah is the First High Holy Fall Festival—Feast—Appointed Time—Or Moedim of God. No other of the LORD’s Feasts starts on the first day of any month. It is the Fifth of Seven Holy Feasts instituted by God. He wanted His followers to commemorate these Holy Days every year for eternity.

This Holy Day, is also a type of mystery. The LORD’s people are to:

—Have a sabbath or rest day. In other words, do nothing but remember God wholeheartedly and with great solemn despair of contrition.
—The LORD’s followers are to blow Trumpets (Teruah #H8643) or Shofars loudly.

That is it. These were all of the instructions given to Moses for God’s followers to observe. 

This decree is for all who read God’s word. We are to acknowledge these Holy convocations. These Holy Appointed times can be researched in Leviticus chapter 23.

First off, I do want to make one thing clear. As Christians, we don’t need to celebrate these Feasts as our Jewish friends do, with all the mini directions added throughout their history. As Christians, we are to rehearse what God said to do with an added and an astoundingly precise flavor to these Holy Days—when we add Jesus to each of the Feasts, their significance enhances a thousandfold!

You see, an incredible thing happens when you add Christ into all the Holy Feasts of God. They go from being printed two-dimensional perusals that you can’t imagine but still go through the motions of reading them, not fully understanding their meanings—the work of Christ’s Redeeming act during Passion Week and future events foretold. These Feasts go from being ancient and extinct stories from long ago, to three-dimensional interactive stories of God’s love, grace, and mercy for all people on earth. 

When you add what Jesus did during (the Passion Week) the Spring Feasts, their meaning comes to you with length, width, height and depth.

I’ll discuss these incredible 3-D -Come-to-life-fulfillments on Part II, and continue to explain the mysterious Feast of Trumpets that just passed a couple of days ago…actually, just finished yesterday because this Holy Day lasts two days. This two day LORD’s Feast is incredible…

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Berean Study Bible

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