Props, Measures, & Smokescreens |Vote Your Morals 2020

8 He who increases his wealth by interest and usury, lays it up for one who is kind to the poor.”Proverbs 28:8

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I was researching all these Propositions and Measures, especially Prop 13 here in California. Then I decided to look deeper into this incredible magic trick. You see, the more the State asks, the more our tax money seems to disappear.
I remember when I was in elementary school, this kid was always asking for money. He wouldn’t ask for much. He’d go around asking each of the kids in our class for a penny.
“Hey, Oscar, I’m trying to buy some milk for lunch, but my mom forgot to give me the money.”
I felt horrible hearing this. I knew what it was like when mom forgot to give me enough. So, I would give him a penny. Who would ever go broke by giving away a penny?
As we got older, I went to a different school and later on, saw the guy at one of my soccer games. We had all grown up, and guess what? The guy was now asking for quarters. He had moved up from pennies to quarters.
We got to talking after my game, making small talk and catching up. As he saw that I was going to say goodbye, he quickly started playing with his backpack, looking concerned, and pretending that he was in search of something.
I beat him to it, and before he could say anything, I asked if he had a dollar, I could borrow.
“Uh..ummm…I…I…ummm.” Was all he could muster.
I looked at him and said,” _, dude, you owe me more than a dollar, and with interest, you should be paying me back for a few huge meals! I see that you still depend on your mom for money. How much did she shortchange you this time?” His mom quickly answered,” _, who is your friend who seems to think you owe him money? I’ve always given you enough, what’s he talking about?!”
I want to say that this reunion story ended well, but that would be a lie. The rest of the guys who knew him came to my rescue. They started spilling the beans. He did not only have enough every day to sustain his milk habit. He also had a hardworking dad who was never around because he was working hard to earn a living for his family. We all thought he came from a single mom’s house!

12 When the righteous triumph, there is great glory,but when the wicked rise, men hide themselves.”PROVERBS 28:12

The moral to the story is this, how many Propositions and Measures have been voted in the last 50 years?
And why does the State of California have such money woes?

Where are the monies from our taxes? Where are the funds for our schools?

“The lottery was supposed to alleviate money woes for our education system. Yet, Sacramento is still trying to pass or swindle the people of California from our hard-earned money.”

The California Lotto has not given much to schools. The amount the Lotto makes, versus the amount that actually gets into schools, is just a fraction of the total amount they earn from people who want the overnight success of dreams coming true.
The original mandate for the Lotto was to give 34 cents per every dollar to California schools. In 2019 the Californian Lottery’s revenues were roughly 7 billion dollars, of which 2 billion went to schools.
You would think 2 billion was the right amount, but this could be more. It certainly is not the 34 cents on the dollar initially sold to voters.

“I also want to know the who, what,, when & where the funds are being used for.”

I have included links of my research, but this still doesn’t scratch the surface of whY the State of California wants to repeal Prop 13.
Since Prop 13 was voted in by Californians to keep our property taxes low. This highly deceitful and misleading Prop 13 being sold to us is another way of voters and people, in general, getting ripped off.
Like my elementary school friend always asking to borrow money from everyone, the State of California is selling us Propositions and State Measures that take a few dollars here and there. The elected officials seem to ever be asking, and we seem to never be finding out why they need so much of our hard-earned money.
Propositions and Measures, for the most part, should never be accepted as part of the norm. They should be profusely rejected to send California and Washington DC a message—We, the People, will no longer acquiesce to your greedy and needy infant ways of crying for more.

16 A leader who lacks judgment is also a great oppressor, but he who hates dishonest profit will prolong his days.” — PROVERBS 28:16

In my next blog, I want to know where the billions of dollars that have disappeared from our State Capitol gone. How can billions of dollars disappear?

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