To Blindly Obey Is Tyranny |Question @covid-19

First off, I believe that this virus is very dangerous to the millions of seniors and people who have compromised health issues. I don’t take this very lightly; and I believe that all life matters. Specially the ones who have most of the wise experience in this life to teach or mentor. Having said this, the numbers for the Chinese Crown covid-19 virus do not add up. If we are to truly beat these numbers, doctors have to do their part in passing along the true and correct information. Not what the CDC, WHO or any other organization or political party or persons want. so here are the questions I,( and most people ) have:

What are the actual deaths from covid-19 numbers, not the ones with all the added pork?!:

What are the real numbers of Covid-19?

How can we the people get the actual infected / death numbers? Not the ones that have been skewed?

Why did the CDC, and WHO mandate to add lung, flu and other deaths to the total tally of corona virus?

What no Masks?!

Why do we have to stay at home, should we not go out cautiously, like we all have without the government becoming our main parent?

Most of us are responsible. I have stayed away from my children and grandchildren, on my own without anyone having to tell me. I don’t need a Nanny State nor do I need a nazi-neighbor state to do what I need to!

Going out cautiously and protectively when we actually need the sun, fresh air and also have our own bodies fight the virus sooner rather than later so that we develop the antibodies.

Why is it that all those in front of the cameras whether federal, state and local, not have masks and they make us wear them?

Why are we told to stay home when being in sunlight helped in a real Pandemic—The Flu of 1918? People were told to go out and stay in the sun to help with the flu pandemic that killed more than 50 million people.

All were duped but they blame only One

With NEWS Media— Why is it that China is doing the best they can, but our President does everything wrong?

Why is it that they blame the President for listening to the same organization that told President Trump that this virus was not as bad as it seemed?

Why is it that the same NEWS outlets said that this virus was like the flu, but are now deflecting this unto the President?

Why is it that the NEWS outlets are constantly barraging POTUS with how much he failed to alert the people in the beginning, but are letting Nancy Pelosi, Governors Newsom and Cuomo, the San Francisco and New York city officials like De Blasio that continued with their Chinatown festivals, and other events, after knowing full well that this virus was spreading?

And why is it, that the NEWS outlets were and are still not asking the hard questions with the Democratic congressional members for the impeachment proceeding and the downplaying of the virus, while the country burned invisibly with the covid-19 spread?

Why is it that the same people who hate every decision that the President takes, is thought as if he was an enemy combatant?

Why did the WHO lie about the severeness of this virus, telling all world leaders that it was not a contagion.

But when our President, all of congress and state leaders listened to the WHO’s advise, no one is blaming this bought-by-China-organization, but have now turned against the President for taking their advise early during the virus crisis?

effective medicine without the special interests:

In the current period, it seems that passion dominates rigorous and balanced scientific analysis and may lead to scientific misconduct

Didier Raoult

Why are countries using hydroxychloroquine with zinc with great results, but the media and Dr. Fauci ( who has patents for virus meds ) and his gang want us to take the same medications that he insists on giving?

Why should I believe the same Dr. Fauci who received a one hundred million dollar grant from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; isn’t this a HUGE conflict of interest

Why would I trust doctors from the WHO and CDC when they can’t give us real covid-19 numbers?

Why don’t we use doctors besides the ones we always see on TV, who are living here and love their culture and country and are brilliant?       

Why do we trust media sources at all, aren’t they the ones that hate hydroxychloroquine but love the idea of giving estrogen to men

There are more questions that I have, but at this point, I can’t and won’t comply with this stay at home order anymore. If I have to take this to the #SupremeCourtOfTheUnitedStates,

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