A Letter To Governor Newsom |COVID-19 2020


This is a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom.

Governor Newsom,

This is from a concerned citizen who also happens to be a Hispanic Christian. I usually don’t add any ethnicity to anything, but I’ve decided to, so that when your staff reads this, they will pass it on to you and know that it’s not from a white, middle aged Anglo Saxon man, but from a concerned citizen. 

Governor, I want you to know that whether you believe in God or not, I am praying for you and for all the leadership of California. 

I wanted to give you some insight on what the average Christian person thinks of this horrific virus and the mandated quarantine.

1. I thank you for the effort that you have placed in trying to save lives during this Horrible ordeal of a quarantine and virus infection.

I also want to thank you for working with, and along side of our President. Our country needs this more than ever. You had the urgency and seriousness to put political matters aside in order to beat this unnatural, ungodly epidemic. 

This virus has everyone unnerved and your decision for you asking the  federal government for help, was in my opinion one of the wisest things to do. We are all in in this together, white, Hispanic, black, Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern etc. 

There are people around you that may not agree with this. But I for one am thankful that you have decided that unity beats division, that citizens are more dear to you than political party lines, and that lives of all people matter to you.

2.  I like most Christians I know, were already being responsible and taking matters seriously before this quarantine when we heard rumors of another virus coming from China. No one had to tell me to wash my hands thoroughly. No one had to tell me that I needed to be responsible when it came to focusing on the task at hand and of doing everything possible in getting the virus eradicated.

First off, we are both citizens of this country. Secondly, we live in a state that we love. Thirdly, I know that we both want the best for this state, and for this country. What sane person would want to deliberately see their home destroyed, or allow for intruders to decimate everything they had worked so hard to attain? This would be so far fetched and unthinkable. I know you want the best for all Californians, and so do I.

3. All this to say, I want you to take what I say with the seriousness and also knowledge that what I am trying to portray in the following is by no means written with any disrespect or animosity.

As a Christian, I am sworn by my faith to share the gospel of the Good News of Christ. I am to go out into the world to help and serve my neighbor. 

My wife and I know our neighbors quite well. They look out for us, and we do likewise.

I for decades have served my community through the various churches we have been involved in.

I have also fed the homeless in Los Angeles, New York and other cities. As Christians our ethos is to serve others without letting anyone see or hear that we are doing so. To help the needy, whoever they may be we do so without sounding alarms or putting it on social media. You see, we don’t want human accolades. We do it because Jesus told us to. When I go out, I don’t care whether the people that need help are Hindu, Muslim, New Agers or Atheists. This is not how most Christians think. Our beliefs are to put ourselves in dangerous situations, I don’t mean go and look for danger zones, or high crime areas, even though, our faith leads us to go wherever we are led to. Our thought is this, help our neighbor and love them, the way our LORD and Savior does. Therefore, this is an extension of who we are.

Here is the most important thing I want to tell you, throughout history, Christians were the ones going into famines, pestilences and plagues. While most people feel sad walking by a homeless person as they keep walking, a Christian will stop to give this homeless person whatever food and water, clothing and shoes they have. Do we do this regularly, I should hope so.

Which leads me to this, you have by closing down churches, taken 100% of this act of charity away from California. You are now asking for volunteers on your volunteer website. 

Had you and your staff spoken to Christian Pastors, leaders and regular lay people, you would have realized that if you shut down Christian churches, the silent serving that goes along with it, was going to tank, and so it has. 

Who do you think gives the homeless, widows and orphans food, water and other charitable gifts? Who do you think will spend their weekends in Los Angeles, and the rest of the rat infested cities we have here, just to share some love, food and water with people who have been marginalized from society?

Christians throughout history have been the most charitable. We have gone out, and comforted the uncomforted. We have built the unbuildable, such as hospitals, schools and universities. We have not only given to put up community kitchens, but have sustained these long term through our serving and donations. Just like the #SalvationArmy, #SamaritansPurse and other Christian organizations etc. 

No other group of people have done so much for civilization than us.We volunteer & work. But our work is just a means to volunteer. 

How many other people are connected mentally and spiritually that way? Very few. 

So in your decision to keep churches shut, you have signed a death warrant to many other non-profit and for profit businesses. We are the ones that go out after services to eat near our neighborhoods.

We are the ones that give more from our hard earned money than most people. We give because we are givers. We are not takers, as a good percentage of your voting base does, whether from dire need or from what I call taker mentality.

So the more you keep churches in California shut, the more negative impact there will be throughout California. Charities will suffer, businesses will suffer, but most of all, the down and out outcasts of society will feel it more. Because whether you and the California leadership realize, it is the churches who are the #mostessential. Not government, not city officials, not those who make laws. You are all there trying, keeping and mandating laws, hoping they stay intact.  

Christians are there to make sure that those who are left behind by government and society are kept comforted. Christians are the ones who counsel when tragedies hit families. Christians are there to pray with the dying, those with mental anxieties etc. 

The day you forced the #mostessential demographic to remain at home, was the moment that society started disintegrating spiritually, mentally and physically.

Had you left churches open, and allowed for pastors and servant volunteers to go and pray with families, the dying, the desperate, you would not have people protesting. 

You would also not be asking for volunteers in soup kitchens either, because Christians would be there helping out. Instead, by extending this #stayathomeorder, you have lost the #mostessential volunteers.

I hope and pray that you end this quarantine, for the sake of those most in need.


A Concerned Christian ready to get back to what we do. 

My name doesn’t matter not doing it to get any glory.

4 thoughts on “A Letter To Governor Newsom |COVID-19 2020

  1. Well said my brother. What a blessing, praying that letter is read and given to Governor Newsome. We will continue to pray for the State and those in office. This has to end soon, people want to go back to work and although this might be political, folks want to go back to normalcy. So true, he is asking for volunteers yet as believers in Christ we have always been ready to serve our King in any capacity. Thanks for sharing my brother. Lord bless you and your home. Love ya! #KAG #LEXIT #MAGA #isupport45

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  2. Amen my bro. Well written. Praying for you and the work that the Lord has placed on your heart to do. We all play a vital role in the body. And when each part does its share, it causes growth in the body for the edifying itself in love. May we be bold and courageous. May we stand firm on the foundations of our faith. May we be led and empowered by the Spirit of God. May we not be so quick to give up ground. Praying for you as we ask that you please pray for us. Love you bro and keep fighting the GOOD fight!!!


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