The Great Con Job & The Lawless One |The End of Days Series 2020


End of Days Series Part 1


Was and still is to lift up and encourage people. To point them to Jesus, the Savior of mankind. And to lift people’s spirits…….loud screeching tires sound…..


As I have said recently and will continue to say it, we are living in unprecedented times. The world has spun out of control like a drunken spin top violently turning from side to side, almost falling. My calling is to still lift and encourage through God’s Word.


It is also to educate and explain the whole counsel of God found in the Bible. Some people want to stick their heads in the sand while yelling out—Bad things go away, bad things go away….
These things are not going away; therefore, we must be equipped for the challenges ahead. Because we are to be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves ( Matthew 10:16 )


Governments around the world have taken control of the rights of their citizens. They have made a mockery of calling themselves free and independent countries.
The UN and its health care lap dog, the WHO, have made the whole world think that this virus is worse than the Black Plague.
In California, the governor has taken full control and has overstepped his limited authority, forcing people to be locked down for a more extended period.


Yet, a small percentage of citizens are rising up. Those that think independently and see behind the veil. Forty million people live in California, and as of today, the horrible death toll is under 3 thousand deaths. With a large percentage of fatalities being from older folks who had other health issues.
The economy is in shambles, and the unemployed numbers are reaching those of the Great Depression.


If I am correct, then this means that we are living at a time when people will turn on each other. Family members will turn against family members, friends against friends. Those who are faithful will be persecuted. All for the good of keeping society pandemically clear.
People will call good evil and evil good ( Isaiah 5:20
). The things that have been truths since the foundations of the world are now fake. The falsities of this world are now taken as truths.

Daniel 7:7


As I have said before, there is a man in the background right now. Someone whom we all may know, he is a man of industry and is a philanthropist. He will come in the name of saving billions. He will look like a man of peace, but if people cross him, they will pay the price.
This man will, like the First Horseman of the Apocalypse ( Daniel 7, Revelation 6 ) come riding on a white horse, peacefully and victoriously. The whole world will clamor to make him World President. His pretentious attitude will be to turn the position down until world leaders humbly, and their citizens cry out louder for this man to save them from such horrible Pandemics and the Great Unholy Hyperinflation Depression.

HIS Sinister AGENDA:

This coming Totalitarian will fake peace and love. Will want to help the poorest of the poor on earth. He will give trillions to their cause. He will also sway the dominant countries on earth to help him. This liar will promise the countries world peace. Countries will want to help him because their economies will be in shambles. Little will they know that he and the rest of his unholy billionaire horde had been the ones to control the Stock Markets all over the world.
As the average citizens lost their savings and 401k’s, the antichrist and his minions will have made trillions.


If the above scenario sounds inconceivable, it is not. The great unholy world leader will, in fact, take over the economic, health, and spiritual/physical welfare of the people.
This man will have planned out exact steps to get to this point. His number one goal—take out America and its robust economy. Then this man of sin will go after the rest of the dominant economies, one of these economic blocs being his political base.


The Bible speaks of the coming world leader as the Prince of the people who would destroy the Temple in Jerusalem ( Daniel 9:26 ).
This same nation or empire, which we know as the Roman Empire, will rise again. It already has. Many people have tried to revive the Roman Empire—Charlemagne, Napoleon, The Prussian Empire, Hitler, Mussolini, they all failed. Fast forward to the mid 20th century; the European Union becomes one again.


The original members were Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom joined in 1973, almost sixteen years later. Most of the countries were part of the Roman Empire when Jesus walked the earth. Daniel wrote these prophetic events 500 years before they got the timeline started.
You see, if you read Daniel 9:26, you have to put a line between verses 26 and 27 because there is a gap that seems to have started with the reshaping of the EU.
Britain recently left the Union because it was tired of having to pay for the rest of the countries and their adverse economic policies.


While Brexit was going on, the US was having the most significant resurgence of economic power since the WWII boom. Israel and its technological pharmaceutical and healthcare advantage is well known worldwide.
These two countries are allies, and while the US holds the superpower status, no one will touch Israel. All this will soon change.
This man of sin, or world leader of peace, will soon come into the scene. He will be like the beast in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13. He will softly trample over everything and anything that stands in his way. All the earth will be ready for this Prince of lies to take over and unite the world into one government.


The world has seen how corrupt its leaders are. Within countries, there is a systematic division taking place. All this is for him, the most corrupt man to ever live. He will come in bringing peace, but his arrogance and speech will cast the world into the most chaotic time ever in history.
What are the signs that this coming corrupt, liar may already be here? Next post….

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