A moment that lasts forever—Christian Love Transcending time! |Discipleship Series

1 Corinthians 13

What is it to have a love of Christ everywhere one goes?

I’ve been talking about how some people compartmentalize their Christian faith into little boxes. Some will not dare speak about political things, so as not to cause any waves. 

While others only speak Christianese when they are around other Christians.

Some speak about their faith, but their actions say quite the opposite in everything they do.

Then there are those whose lives are not perfect; they have their quirks. Some, including myself, have said things so passionately, that it makes people uncomfortable.

But, one thing that I know, that all Christians have this thing. This thing can’t be duplicated by people who don’t have it. This thing is only there when people ask for it. This thing can’t be acted out or purchased. The blood of Jesus has already purchased it on the cross.

Since I am a writer, I have been trying to put my finger on this transcending love for years.

This thing is not a thing but a Person. This Person can’t be put aside or on a drawer somewhere in your bedroom. This Person can’t be left out of politics, or sports, or any other scene we Christians walk into in our lives. 

You see, once you have this, you can’t go back and put it back somewhere. It’s like trying to put a genie back into the bottle. Except this Person doesn’t grant wishes or isn’t capricious like genies.

The Spirit of God Supernaturally gives us this type of love:

The Holy Spirit is the Person that fills a Christian inside. The Spirit of God permeates into our smallest sinews. The Spirit of God encompasses our whole being. Then it cleanses the darkest parts of our hearts and minds. The Spirit of God breathes new life, love, and joy inside. Why? Because it touches a part of us that worldly things can’t touch—our spirit.

A person is never the same:

Here is the impressive part of having the Spirit of God—Once the Spirit fills you, you will never be the same. Pentecost is right around the corner. This is a Feast of the LORD. God, Himself, instituted this and the other six Feasts or Holy Convocations. You can read about it in, Exodus 12:14-28Exodus 23:14-19 Numbers 28:16-25Deuteronomy 16:1-8.

Jesus celebrated all these special Holy Days and did not come to abolish them ( Matthew 5:17 ) but to fulfill the Holy Convocations and commands.


When a Christian who is regularly in touch with God, goes into the world, mysterious things happen. Mysterious, since people that don’t know God will wonder why Christians do the things they do and show others love the way they do.

Christians will go out and clothe, feed, pray with the people who have been left out in society. They will go to orphanages and abortion clinics because the love of Christ is in them. This is not a natural thing for people to hear because the world teaches survival of the fittest— in business, finance, Wall Street, Washing ton DC, London, Shanghai, etc.

The world doesn’t know how to love those who are unlovable or who are considered enemies. 

But, Christians, and I have found many instances on this love of Christ to those who are not regularly shown, love.

I have witnessed so many people who will pick up a little child whom no one will carry because they live in the streets. I have seen someone pray with a homeless person, touching their hands like it’s no big deal that this person has not bathed in weeks or even months.

1 John 4:18b

Spirit takes flesh—Checkmate:

Those moments where you flesh is saying don’t touch this person, but your spirit and the love of God’s Spirit overwhelm you with such intense and peaceful love for the person, that it overrides any negative thoughts in your mind.

I have seen Christians love those that have been antagonistic with them for years.

This love of Christ is genuine. Wherever Christians go, the extension of God’s love goes with them, and this is the only natural thing Christians do. 

The picture below is from a Christian woman who I know. There are pictures we take, and then there are pictures that transcend the ages. This is one of those pictures. Should society survive another thousand years, this picture will show the same thing it initially showed—Christian love that is purely a 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love.

I leave you with a couple of those pictures that capture a moment. A moment for the decades. The love we Christians have for our own children and grand-children oozes out into the children and the forgotten of the world…

My wife with our grandsomn
Carol Duberowski in Petra Jordan

If you would like this supernatural kind of love, I ask that you go to the weblinks below.You can make an informed commitment to God that is eternally lasting:

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Steps to Peace With God

Paz Con Dios

Pasos para la Salvación PDF

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