Do Not tuck your Faith in a drawer for anyone! |Discipleship Series Pt. II

Warning —do not read if you are easily offended! For mature Christians Only


I have been going to San Francisco for quick getaways with my wife since we were in our 20s.

When I mean San Francisco, it doesn’t just mean the city, even though the city is gorgeouswell, it used to be.

The reality is that once-beloved city has become a cesspool of drugs and alcohol, urine, and other smells. To get to the scenic areas, one has to drive through Armageddon. Where you literally see homeless people fighting over space, material things, drugs, etc.

The last time we went, my adult kids and my son-in-law went with us. I vividly explained to them about the city by the bay, and how I had a romanticized version of what I knew through my experiences. I also told them about the dark side of this once great city and how bad it was getting. Little did I know what was in store.

None of them were surprised to hear me say this, and none got indignant over the fact that the city has changed for the worst.


Imagine me coming back and trying to sugar coat what my wife and grown children had witnessed. Imagine if I would tell this story during my sermon, and someone would get up and say, you can’t teach about this, because it doesn’t edify me! I am going to stop coming here because I don’t like the way you portray San Francisco! Why can’t you just teach about Fisherman’s Wharf or the Golden Gate Bridge?! Then this person would proceed to walk out, never to come back again.

This would be silly, absurd, and immature on any person to do this, right?


Well, unfortunately, this is the sad truth of some American Christians. They don’t want to hear the negatives; they just want to be entertained as if they are on a ride at Disney or Magic Mountain.

They don’t want to hear about hell, or that people will be going there. What they are doing is negating the full counsel of God and His Word.

The vast majority of comments I get are incredible. Only two people out of all the thousands have left negative comments. 

That is extremely minuscule!


The LORD has allwed me to have reached over 89 countries through this blog, and thousands upon thousands of views through the time I have had it. All for God’s glory and His edification alone!

The rare negative comments that have been sent are from American Christians. I find this peculiar.

Because our Christian brothers and sisters who are indeed being persecuted, appreciate my call to defend the faith. They are spiritually matured by all aspects of their lives and walks. Most brethren around the world want the American Church to defend their horrendous plights of persecution. They want someone from America to say that they are praying and listening to their stories. Let me tell my brethren from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, China etc.,:

I for one, am listening and praying and yelling it out to the ends of the earth!!


I can’t change this, and I will never compromise on this. I will defend the right for people all over the world to worship the God of the Bible freely and peacefully.

And this starts in my Jerusalem, then my Judaea, then my Samaria and to the ends of the world.


I, as a Christian, cannot compartmentalize my faith. My faith oozes into all aspects of my life. I don’t put my faith in the closet or drawer when speaking about politics or sports or whatever else in my life I come across.

This is what faith is, it is supposed to affect and take effect in all areas of our lives. Some who are weaker in the faith may not be able to do this, and I understand.

But don’t allow your spiritual & mental insecurities to criticize those who are defending the faith outside of the Christian circles because it ‘offends’ you.

If anything being said or printed or posted offends you, it is not the person’s fault who offended you, it is your choice to be offended. Specially if you are walking faithfully with God daily.

Nothing should offend you, because Christ is in you. We are not to be offended, but we are to defend the faith, the widow, the fatherless, the poor, and the alien of the land. And most important of all:

Compartmentalizing my faith would be hypocrisy. 


Just like what has happened to San Francisco, some Christians don’t want to hear about the bad things happening in politics, and persecution of Christians around the world. This is sad because we are to shine so brightly in this darkness, that city and state officials should clamor to get to speak to those people who are praying with, feeding and clothing the widows, fatherless, and homeless in their cities. 


First thing I would tell my offended brethren, stop the scheme of the enemy. Instead of getting ‘offended’ about everything you read or hear. There is something profoundly wrong if you can’t talk with others, calmly and maturely.

Well wait a minute, Oscar, some people feel that maybe you’ve gone too far! 

Yes, out of the thousands, just a few have made negative comments.

But here is why I say that being offended is a worldly & highly immature way of doing things:

One can without being ‘offended’ go to the person privately and explain things. This is biblical; Jesus teaches this in Matthew 18.

Two, you can reply to anyone whom you think has ‘offended’ calmly and biblically. 

Here is where the maturity of the person comes in. When a person stomps off, unfriends himself from you, after leaving one last statement. This is clearly the easiest way to know when someone is immature in Christ, and is also still letting the world dictate their life.


I urge whoever is reading this to first, pray for me, my family, and my community.

Second, when you read something you like, comment, please. 

Thirdly, when you find something that makes you cringe that I said, please lovingly tell me. I am not perfect. I’m a big boy, I promise I will not get offended. And if I have to apologize, I will. Once this is addressed, I will never hold a grudge.

Life is too short & eternity is around the corner. I almost died a few times in my life— I am direct & to the point. Holding a grudge is for immature people. My priority is to point others to Christ & to defend the faith.

Fourthly, Please, don’t make a closing statement and then run away like a 4-year-old. Because what that tells me, and the rest of the readers, is that you can’t handle a lengthy conversation calmly going back-and-forth.

Lastly, John the Baptist, Jesus, the prophets of old, and later on, the Disciples of the Way, all spoke as they were led. Some things were edifying, and some were not. Get rid of the mentality that God has to edify you all the time. That is a fallacy of the enemy, to divide and to conquer those that fall to this unholy bait of self-edification.

I pray for those that have left angry over my posts. I also pray for their well being and walk with the LORD. But it won’t stop what God has called me to do…

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