ComM Minus Unity =Tragedy |Protests 2020

I have waited about a week to post this. We are still having protests around the area. There is much anger on all sides, which is ironic. Anger solves nothing. Debate shoud be the first place to start. Because all lives matter to God.

When you isolate yourself into one community, you are in a sense, doing exactly the opposite of what you claim you are fighting for. God cares about all ethnicities! He sees the color of your spirit & not your skin!


Community is where we buy our food, shop at the local stores, and buy stuff from the mom and pop shops. When people from out of town come in to wreak havoc and incite the mediocre weak minds to cause destruction, it affects the community. 

My daughter lives in the area where it was most affected by the weak-minded and ignorant people who canceled out the good that real protestors were peacefully trying to accomplish!

I blame the media. The damage was concentrated in one part of my city, but the media made it out to look as if all of Long Beach was burningand they continued portraying this nationwide, in other cities besides the epicenter.


The destructive aftermath was overpowered by the love of the community for its own.

My wife and I tried to help out my daughter but could not get there early to help her community. We both had early morning appointments, and by the time we tried to drive down, the traffic was at a stand still!

My daughter later told us that there were more lookie-loos taking pictures and videos instead of helping out.

Hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers went to clean up, my daughter being one of them. We have taught our children always to help and volunteer. This is our Christian ethos.


Our neighborhood had a protest. We saw moms and dads, kids, grandparents, and grandkids all protesting the tragic death of George Floyd. The cars passing by honked as a sign of solidarity. They moved from the elementary school they were in, to the main avenue which connects this vast city.

Update yesterday 6-14-2020, we had another protest by our house, this time, it sounded angry! Nothing happened. Yet, in my mind, I think that yelling & screaming will not solve anything.

In our area, there was not one incident of looting, broken windows, or disrespect. The local shops and restaurants remained safe.

If you drive south on the main avenue, about 4-5 miles, you will be in the area devastated by the looting and destruction. This is where you would have caught a glimpse of Tweenies breaking in and looting. You will not see any parent or grandparent around “smacking the fear of Jesus” in them.


Now, I have said I am a darker shade of brown Hispanic, and I have to say something that no one wants to hear. Because it is neither popular or politically correct.

On this side of my neighborhood, most of those protesting were white, some Hispanic and Black. Most of the kids had their parents with them.

Where all the looting and destruction of property happened, not one parent was seen around. Nor were there any grandparents. All the kids I saw on TV were Black and Hispanic kids. There may have been a few white kids trying to be Antifa, and if they were… still no parents!


We don’t have a Black, White, & Hispanic problem. We have an inactive & parentless problem in America. Because what I saw on the News, was what happens when parents are not active & around their children’s lives.  


What happens when you only teach that it’s survival of the fittest? 

A dog eat dog world? 

An only the strong survive world? 

When all you see on TV portraying most Blacks as gang members and most Hispanics as drug cartel members?

When violence is the way of life in our society?

Where no mention of a higher power is allowed anywhere in this country. Because of a few people who don’t want God anywhere in schools and government? Where they have perverted the original intent of the First Amendment. By not allowing God even to be mentioned in schools or public Institutions?

More on this next post

If you want to be part of the solution, start by getting right with the Almighty God. You don’t have to be perfect or have it all worked out. All you have to do seek God by asking Him to come into your life. Here are a few links where you can get information and answers…

Steps to Peace With God

Know God

How Can I know God

Paz Con Dios

Pasos para la Salvación PDF

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