Yearning 4 Home! |Father’s Day 2020

18 “And I will be a Father to you,And you shall be sons and daughters to Me,”Says the Lord Almighty.~ 2 Corinthians 6:18 NASB

2 Corinthians 6:18

During this strange Father’s Day weekend, I was reminded of what truly matters.
My son-in-law helped me move some old furniture that needed to be dropped off at the dump.
He had my grandkids with him, who waited patiently in the truck while we fit all the pieces like a puzzle in the truck bed. My oldest is my grandson.

He is my favorite boy in the whole world!

As we were moving the stuff around, I heard my grandson’s voice, it sounded so giddy! I call him my little Buddy.  Buddy would say something and then just crack himself up with laughter. He kept this up after we dropped off furniture and during our breakfast. As we got closer to my house, I saw his face, Buddy’s big smile got serious. He knew two things would happen:

My little Buddy

One, his dad would park, turn off the engine and open the door. Then he would open the rear driver door and unbuckle Buddy. Then I would get off and do the same for my granddaughter on the rear passenger seat. This meant that Buddy would be going into His Papa’s house, where he could enjoy time doing what we usually do with them, have fun and enjoy walking and running around the neighborhood.

Two, Dad would stop the car, look at papa and say goodbye. 
I knew which option Buddy was thinking of. His face said it all. He knew that they were not going into our house. His eyes started welling up with tears. He looked at me, then at dad and started wailing. I felt horrible because I know how much Buddy and his sister enjoy being at Papa and Nana’s house. He was crying so loudly that his sister’s smile became a frown, then it became a cry. My son in law and I looked at each other and tried to console them. A bit later, they had calmed down and I told Buddy and little Grace that I would see them on Sunday for Father’s Day. They both looked at me and had to give me a fake smile. I absolutely love those kids.

4 and He will Awipe away every tear from their eyes; and Bthere will no longer be any death; Cthere will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; Dthe first things have passed away.”

Revelation 21:4
My heart is glad seeing her with her daddy!

I saw the truck drive out and went inside feeling convicted. Thinking when the last time was, when I was praying and in fellowship with God, why I did not long for, cried out to, and wanted to be in heaven with my Father? 

When was the last time we Christians had such longing to be in our real home? 
Then I just stopped and thanked God that my little buddy taught me the real meaning of longing to be with someone important to his little heart. The most important Person in our lives should be God. We should long for the big rooms Jesus has prepared for us. Our true joy will be being with our heavenly Dad in fellowship…and being so giddy that we can’t help but laugh with extreme joy…

Or cry longing to be in your real home with your your Heavenly Papa!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddys of the world!

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