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In the final days that God has planned for us, we are witnessing a sort of going back to the Christian roots revival. 

Oscar Roca

Governments around the globe have closed churches due to this epidemic. The reasons are unknown to most people, but if we Christians truly believe that we are living in the last days, then we will have be be diligent, vigilant, and committed to change.
What some people see as drastic changes in their way of thinking, for me is business as usual. 

You see, while most pastors are having to close up shop so to speak, my wife and I are continuing to do what we have been called to do—house fellowship. 

Oscar Roca

We can learn from The Master Tactician:

We Can Learn From The journeyman at work

I’ll explain. Paul was a tentmaker. He worked all day and witnessed to whomever was there working alongside of him. Once the co-workers committed their lives to Christ, he would then disciple them. All from the workplace.

And this was just Paul’s first missionary journey.
All those cities, all that work, all that mission of sharing the gospel to who ever had an ear to hear.
Paul mentions that he worked so that it wouldn’t be a hindrance to people by giving to him. In other words, he said, “I could have taken from the offerings of the churches God gave me to start, but I didn’t so that you could be like me and work for a living, giving the gospel free of charge!” ( I Corinthians 9 & 2 Thessalonians 3

We can Learn from His bi-vocational life

Paul only took money from the church when he was under house arrest, and that was only from the Church at Philippi  (4:10-23) who sent him a love gift. 
There is something special about Paul, his knowledge of the Word, intensity for the gospel, and the coming along with new converts to disciple them from the start. This is the man who went from persecuting the Church, to dying for Christ.

We can Learn From Godtaking His Church to its roots

Paul LearnedFrom Jesus

Yet, the roots of His Acts Church are built upon only one thing, Jesus Christ coming to earth, growing up as a human being, ministering from city to city, teaching His disciples, dying on the cross and coming back to life 3 days later. Jesus then keeps teaching His disciples and then ascends to the heavens where two of His messengers tell the 500+ disciplesthat Jesus will come back and set His feet down the very way He left His disciples. 
Jesus had no money (Mat 8:20
), or Church building, status in the Sanhedrin, nor did He want it.

Jesus taught His disciples to go without money, to have faith they would be taken care of by God, and to go and drive out unclean spirits (<a href="http://Mar 6:7-13) and share that all men should repent for the kingdom had arrived.

We can learnto wait for The Power of The Spirit

As Jesus ascended, He told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem. The wait was over on Pentecost, when the Spirit of the Living God filled the disciples with such power, that they turned all of the Roman Empire upside down. 

Paul also had no church building, or paid staff. He did not take money from the Churches, he went from house to house preaching the Good News of Christ. He would go into cities, establish his trade of tentmaking, work hard, and show people what a Christian was. He had home fellowships and established disciples in all places he went. 
Paul was copying Jesus and the disciples and this new Jewish Sect of the Way, changed the Roman world. 
Today, we are living through the same dangerous times as the original Acts church. We are being told not to come together and worship. We are being scrutinized throughout the world. Some are dying, some— their churches being destroyed. Yet all of us are still learning the Word, teaching and discipling. 

Do not fight this, embrace it! Because this means that Christ is getting His Church ready for another final explosion of disciples before He calls us to our true Church—Heaven.

May you start a home fellowship today and get to discipling anyone who asks for the reason for our hope (1Pe 3:15 )…

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