Don’t Let Circumstances Define You! |Graduating Class 2020

A big Congrats to all grads!

Proverbs 20:14

This month, like this year, has been unprecedented. We have closed the country down, and most things that have been taken for granted are now, something that when society is normalized, we’ll hopefully cherish.

This month is special for a few reasons. But I want to take the time to congratulate all those who are graduating from High School and College. 

And before you tell me I forgot middle school, I did not. I just want to speak to those young people that are now considered adults.

I would tell all of you that you do not allow this unusual way of graduating to define you or your future. This is a small bump on the road that you can either learn from or make it identify you. Learn from this and move on. Life is too short to be bummed out about this! Go on to your next goal!


If you are graduating from high school, this has to be the strangest year for you. All the hard work you have put to is finally going to pay off. The nights of staying up and doing homework. The long practices in your sport or school band or a part-time job. The four years were for you to acclimate yourselves into society. The part-time positions are there for you to work hard, learn from the managers, get extra cash for college, or to buy a car. Whatever the money is for, know that the part-time job and the hard homework was just the beginning.

Some of you may not go into college. You may be learning a trade as soon as this summer. Some have decided to go into the armed forces. Some have decided to travel.


Reach for the stars & you will never fail to grab one! There are too many to fail!

All these things will lead you to one thing—getting more life experiences. Learn from them.

High school is just a small step. Use the learning experience to do better.

For those that worked hard, congratulations, you are now on to a four-year college!

For those of you that did not take high school that serious, congratulations, you now know what you need to do in the two-year college, or technical school, or trade school. There is time for you to get better at what you want to do in life.

For those going in the military, God bless you. Work hard, make it through the boot camp you will be going into. Remember what they are doing to you. They are making you stronger physically and mentally. 


If you are graduating from college, you have spent four years doing your best to blend and survive the onslaught of young adult life. Your longer nights of homework, cramming for tests, etc., are behind you. You have done what most want to finish. Now it’s time for you to continue onto more college classes or a new job. Don’t settle for a part-time job unless you are going on to your Masters or Ph.D. Send out your resume to as many companies as you can. If you don’t hear from them, spruce up your resume and keep sending it. If they require experience, ask your part-time job to make you full time and then start sending out your resumes again!

What all of you have done is a good thing. You have learned that you can take steps to achieve your goals. This is what High school and college are. They are there for you to learn academically and also intellectually. Some of you will continue in sports, and some will continue to become doctors, lawyers, teachers. Whatever it is that you are being directed to do, do it with full zest, enthusiasm, and energy!


God knows each star by name, imagine how much more He knows you! He will lead your steps if you ask Him.

But remember to feed your spirits too. The word of God is there for you to gain the most valuable knowledge! It is there to transform and renew you. Whatever mistakes you did, are swiped clean! Whatever you thought you were going to do, may not be what you want to do now. God is directing your paths. Be still and quiet enough to hear His guidance.

Don’t forget GOD

Do not forget God. For those that have never sought out God, now is the time to seek Him. He has been waiting for you. Do not leave this blog without closing your eyes and asking God to start directing your footsteps. Ask Jesus to wipe all the mistakes and wrongs you have done in life clean. I promise you that He will. And you will feel like a new person. Those mistakes, transgressions, or sins that you have done in your life are gone. 

Time to start fresh. May this month of graduations, be the month that you are guaranteed a Post-Life Graduation into eternity!

Again, congratulations, and keep running the race of life!

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