Sing It Loud & Proud This Sunday & EVERYDAY! |Covid-19 2020

“And He answered and said to them, I tell you that if these should be silent, the stones would cry out.” Jesus in Luke 19:40 (MKJV)

The Governor of California thinks that Christians will obey his order not to sing in Church services all over California.
I have no singing voice, but starting this weekend, I’m going to sing as loud and long as I can!

This is so fitting for this 4th of July! No one is going to tell me how to worship, when to worship, or when to sing.

I will obey God and all people will one day be on their knees praising God, whether they like it or not.
I will not wait to worship Christ when all humanity in the future will be kneeling down to the Creator of the universe. I will choose to worship Christ loud and proud today and every day….Especially on Sunday during service!

Mr. Governor you have to stop and think before you issue such foolish orders! Try stopping us, even if you try to silence us, the very foundation of your house and winery will shake in adulation to the Creator of the universe Jesus, Yeshua, Iēsous, the King of kings and LORD of lords! He is to be worshipped, revered, be in awe of, fall to our knees and cry out to Him! You can write all you want Mr. Governor, go ahead, write your little heart out…we will not comply!

Kill us shame us, send out your lost little offended souls to go & protest against us, we…will… sing… to… the… heavens!

And hope that all Christians defy this ridiculous and unGodly order and sing it to the heavens this weekend and everyday!

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