Acts Church takes your Social Justice Warrior—Check&Mate |Protest 2020

Part of the Protests 2020 Series

Micah 6:8-9
  • The Christian Church should protest this and that!
  • The Christian church should fight for social Justice and equality!
  • The Christians today are so apathetic about the plight of certain ethnicities!
  • I can’t believe that Christians would align themselves with this President, he is a racist!
  • I can’t believe you disagree with me Oscar!
  • I thought you were a Christian?
  • Don’t you read your Bible, it’s the same one I’m reading and brother boy are you so wrong!
  • Pastors taking a knee.
  • Pastors aligning themselves with ethnic organizations that look good on paper, but are being used as puppets for the deep state and behind the scenes puppeteers.

Imagine that I would be writing this a decade ago. People would have thrown me out of the place I was sitting at or teaching to.

But it is 2020 and things have been turned upside down. This wasn’t an— it just happened thing! This has been systematically done, one step at a time. Like the frogs who are placed in a warm pot. The temperature is perfect, people like the frogs, just sit back and relax drinking the KoolAid. 

One thing happened in 2020, the puppeteers have turned up the flame to boil! 
I wish I could say this was a surprise, but I have seen Christ’s church throughout the world infiltrated by the Social Justice Warrior-Christians.
Let me say this first, I believe that the Church, the True Christ Church should be in the forefront of changing the injustices, righting the wrongs, feeding the hungry, clothing the destitute, and taking care of the widows and the orphans. This theme I have written over and over until I have turned blue in the face.
But here is where I part ways with the Social Justice Preachers and congregations of today:

Romans 12:2
  • 1. Most of those preaching Social Justice don’t actually know what that means.
  • 2. Most of those that preach it, don’t actually give of their own money. They want the church to do this.
  • 3. Most of those trying to change the world can start at home.

But usually, when a social justice church teaches from all ministries, they use social justice words like correct oppression, wrongs need to be validated, Jesus was a social justice warrior or advocate etc. 

Women will use words like I speak truth into, or I speak life into this… or I acknowledge the wrongs caused by etc.  
They have to be careful about saying these things because God is the only one that can speak truth into, validate, give out justice and take vengeance Romans 12:19
We are to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly. 
We are to right wrongs, but not in the way that social justice pastors/ churches seek. 
This social justice church philosophy started in Latin America with Catholic socialist priests who were Marxist. That should give you an idea of how long it’s been around. 
A few things to consider:

  • We cannot change the world acting like the world. 
  • We must share God’s love with the world, by sharing the Good News of what Christ did on the cross for them.
  • We have society change itself from within by discipling the world, one person at a time.
  • We are the only example of Christ to the world. Our example is to point Christ to them. We are not to get into the affairs of this world by socially changing it. We must preach and teach the whole counsel.
  • That there is a hell and heaven. That one will go to hell if not saved by the actions of Christ in the cross.
  • That we have to acknowledge our sins, all the wrongs that we have done to others.
  • We then ask Jesus to forgive us of those wrongs. It doesn’t matter how sinful our lives have been, we become new creatures through and by Christ’s saving grace and mercy.
  • Nothing we can do, not even changing the world with social justice, will get us into heaven.
  • That once we ask Christ to come into our lives, and we commit to His ways, then and only then can we even be fit to point others to the Creator of this universe.
Romans 12:18

Here’s my question to all who preach social justice at churches:
1. Will seeking social justice and teaching it get people into heaven? 
2. Can you preach social justice until you are blue in the face, then find out that you have lost people into hell for not teaching and making disciples of all nations with the main or central point of why we are all here—That of sharing that all have been separated from God because of the sins of our forefathers?
3. That we need to get people back to complete communion with God through His son Jesus?
4. That Once we receive this incredible and powerful gift, we are made new?
5. That we are to do the same thing and lead others to the same steps?

Show me anywhere in the Acts Church, or the original Church of Christ, where the disciples first told people to go and take care of the social injustices of the world.
It will not be there. 

Jesus in Acts 1:*

I agree that the church needs to wake up, but it first needs to wake its behind up for the gospel. 

The Acts church didn’t go out and seek social justice even though there were actual slaves in the Roman Empire.

They didn’t seek to have the masters pay retribution for owning slaves. 

—What the church did in Acts and the first century was to share the gospel and disciple. There was no protesting or reforming politically. 
They changed the Roman Authoritarian system by converting slave and free, bond servant and master alike. 
The message was simpleall have sinned  and fall short of God’s glory.
Jesus came to be the middle man/God to the Kingdom of heaven
All must commit and believe in Jesus as the Savior. 
Only the grace and mercy of God can save a person. 
That’s it, we don’t have to march in protest. 
Or picket congressional leaders or Presidents. 
We can’t force social reform without first transforming and renewing
ourselves, then our spouses, children, family members, neighbors, then our cities, states and the rest of the world.

Some Christians have so much turmoil at home, but choose to go and change the world first. That is not the proper order Jesus gave His infant Church in Acts.


If you want to change the world, start with yourself. Ask God to help you commit to Him. Here are links to help you make a decison for CHrist

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