Society’s Priorities |What Really Matters Series

Priorities by Oscar Roca

Jesus tells us in Matthew chapter 6 to build up treasures that can’t be broken or stolen or build up rust. Yet, here we are in the 21st century and our priorities seem to be focused on kids games! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sports fan, I played sports when I was a kid. I loved sports. It kept me out of trouble. But it also taught me that they’re just games. Whether American football, basketball, baseball, or football, they don’t take priority over real life.

It seems that we as Americans have lost our way. What we valued in the past was hard work, taking care of our family, doing our best to stay united, and always looking out for our family & neighbors.

Oscar Roca

Now, what America has come to is looking out for number one. Not caring about anyone else except taking a selfie, posting on social media, and what the entertainment people and professional athletes are doing with their lives.

We cannot continue down the spiral of selfish, egotistical behavior. We must go back to the values that made us great. Yes, America even now is great. With all its problems, racism, and division, people continue to come here to make their lives better!

Priorities – what are your priorities? Where do you see your family in your life? Where do you see your neighbors in your life? Do you even acknowledge that sacrifices are being done by the American military and law- enforcement?

If an athlete or entertainer has more value in your life than a pastor, deacon, veteran of the military, good educators, etc., then I would ask you to go to a quiet place and really think of why you value people who really don’t give any true value to society. Yes, they’re entertaining the masses, through TV and sports venues, and yes, they have worked hard to be where they are. But both entertainment actors, and athletes are just that, entertaining us.

So before I hear how guys that are good at playing games, are being persecuted or marginalized while making millions upon millions of dollars a year while our military who are fighting a true war come back, & no one gives a rip about them! Ask what our priorities are…

Oscar Roca

The next time an athlete starts whining about how bad his or her life is, I want you to think of our military vets, and peace officers who have been wounded in the line of duty. Think of those pastors, deacons, and lay people who are in the front lines trying to bring them back to society’s assimilation. Or the doctors and nurses in real dangerous frontlines, there are the real priorities in life….not some athlete who gets paid to play a sport. That is not an unselfish career, it’s quite the opposite.

Everything that each athlete has achieved is for self. Yes, they can sugar coat it & say it’s to help out their families, or loved ones, but in reality it’s for the fame & glory of it all.. the rest comes second.

Oscar Roca

Priorities, where do you draw the line between reality and entertainment? Who in your mind should be getting paid more? Who should be getting paid their worth? Is it an empty life of glamour and vanity? Or a life of overpaid people who are good at playing ball?

Or should our priorities be for those people that go above and beyond the call of service to their fellow human beings? Those that give of themsleves knowing that they may not come back to their families like the rest of the 99% of people going to work everday? Priorities, what do you condider honorable and selfless?…

If you are a vet, or wounded law enforcement, or if you know someone who needs to get comforted, send this link and have them go to the links below:

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