God’s 4 Legged Messengers

‘Simi our Silver Lab’s tags

As far back as I can remember, there have been so many points of view about whether animals are in heaven or not. To be honest, I never really thought about it that way. I listened to different pastors, Some saying that dogs do not have souls and therefore they do not belong in heaven.

Other pastors would give compassionate sermons on how all of God’s creatures will be in heaven. Even though both sides were passionate on point of views, none gave scriptures to back up their views.

Here’s my take. In the first chapters of Genesis God lays out a plan in Paradise where human beings are to take care of the Garden, the animals, and their walk.

Our two Silvers. Both gone.

You see, from the beginning, God had a plan for human beings and animals to walk together. Human beings were supposed to take care of all of the land, shepherd all the different species of animals, and keep the Garden maintained. And before the fall, humans and animals lived in harmony. Adam and Eve were enclosed in Paradise, this included all the different animal species at that time.

Simi in back

What God had intended in the Garden, what once was— will also be.

Jesus came to reclaim and fix. If there were animals in what was supposed to be an eternal enclosed Paradise, then we can deduct that this will be fixed once again eternally.

So throughout all the years we have had to put our animals down or they have passed on, this Christian has the hope that one day, because of my LORD and Savior Jesus, I will again see those special animals that have taught me about loyalty, patience, unconditional love and tons of fun. So Dino, Patsy, Zico and the 101 Dalmatians, Bubba and now Simi… see you in a bit.

P.S. if you still have some doubt, I laughed earlier today when a confirmation came…Yesterday I was telling my wife that Jesus would be coming on a white horse to fix earth. Today, I was talking to a friend and fellow pastor, who said the exact thing. Where does the horse come from if not the heavenly stables?….

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