God Has The Answer For all Racism | the Riots of 2020

Definition of Racist

We keep hearing in the news how much white people are or have been racist.
It seems to be slanted towards one ethnic group. Yet, most of the derogatory things being said are from another ethnic group. I don’t believe in labeling people, never have. I want to be known as only an American. The ‘minority’ label needs to be vanished if we really want to be all equal.

I have done my best to get rid of the stigma of being called names by all ethnicities. I recently was called a derogatory name by another ethnic group, and they were not white!

The reason? It was trash day, and I had asked the people who had moved my full trash cans into the sidewalk to please move them back before leaving. They had moved them to have space and park their car there.
I have heard “minorities” can’t be racist, and I laugh at this because I have listened to what “minorities” call other ethnic groups hate-filled names.

For whites, I have heard blacks calling them Cr@!&#ers, Hispanics, have been called Do%$!@s, we!&@cks, b@#ners. Blacks have been called the N-word.

I don’t particularly appreciate hearing these words, even when my black friends would call each other non-derogatory N-word, which is still a put-down. Yet, to my black friends, it’s okay to say…something I still can’t understand, nor agree with the term, because it doesn’t glorify God nor life.
For those ‘minorities’ (another term I will not be placed under) who think their ethnic group is not racist,

I have news for you…without God:
Blacks are racists….
Hispanics are racists…
Asians are racists…
All people are racists…
How do I know?

Romans 3:10-14

Because without God, people’s hearts are desperately wicked. To the point that the Prophet Jeremiah asks the question— who can know the depravity of a Godless heart?
God can. You see, God knows how deprived a person can become without moral truth. The only moral truth out there is God’s.
When people who don’t know God try to set a moral standard, their society will always fail.
Because of the moral compass they have set, their Godless society falls short of God’s moral glory.
We just saw this in Seattle and are witnessing a wannabe CHAZ in Portland.

Every single person fighting against society’s morals and laws out there is Godless. They want to usher in their version of Utopia.

People can try to bring in a perfect society. Just ask Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, the despots all over Asia that followed the Korean War. Just ask the despots running what was once one of the top economies in the world—Venezuela.
All these so-called perfect societies end up with a dictator and his cronies, killing off any competition or protestors.
Because without God, there can never be moral truth or moral laws.Just ask people that have gone through the socialist/ communist revolutions in their countries.

Just ask those who left disillusioned from their little Utopia in Capital Hill autonomous zone in Seattle.

A wise man once said that power corrupts, & absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Jeremiah has it right—the depravity of people can’t be measured. Only God can take a wicked heart like mine and yours, and change it to accomplish a real Utopian society, not here but eternally. It’s time for society to trust in God and not their wicked and evil hearts. Because without having a lasting relationship with Our Creator, society will continue sliding into moral and cultural chaos…

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