Christian, Why Are You Afraid? |Covid-19 2020

Colossians 1:17

Christian, why are you afraid?

Did you not know that you would go through trials? Did Jesus not say that in this world, there would be trouble?

Christian, why are you afraid?

Christian, why are you paralyzed with fear?

Are you not a child of the most High?

Does The Creator of the universe not have a grasp on your life?

Christian, why are you stressing over things if this life?

Did you forget that we are here for a short time only?

That we are just passing through here, & are sojourning as tourists on earth? 

Christian, what are you afraid of?

There is nothing to fear! Not even this virus or any virus! Go out as if someone’s life depends on you! Because lives are at stake, their everlasting lives! 

Luke 1:78-79

Christian, why are you not shining God’s light in this dark & hopeless world? 

Does the Father of Lights not tell us that every good and perfect thing comes from Him?

Do not fear, do not waiver! Go Roth Because He goes before you!

Lord, I pray that whoever is reading this, comes to a saving knowledge of your grace & mercy. I also pray that if anyone is reading this who is gripped with fear about what’s going on all over the world, I ask you to take that fear away from them & send it off never to be seen again! Lord, I also pray that if the person who is reading this does not know you, may they get to know you personally. I pray that whoever is reading this will be encouraged to move forward & not be afraid of the unknown future! I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.

If you feel paralyzed with fear, you don;t have to be. If you don’t know the God that conquers our fears, make it a point to get to know Him or comebcak to Him.

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