No More Pain

my grandma to the left & mom to the right.

What my mom lacked in physical strength, she made up with her spunky spiritual and mental tenacity!

It would have been my mom’s 80th birthday today. My grandmother was a physically strong woman, my mom had rheumatoid arthritis. In the picture above, you can see that her knees and hands are swollen. I remember the fight she had for life. I also remember the dark valleys she would go through when the pain was unbearable. She lived to be 53 years of age, but now, she is fully on! Her hurts are long gone. She is pain free!

My mom taught me real faith, not a poppsy-lollipoppy faith! But one that you can connect & communicate with God on a personal level!

You see, I got to talk to her when she was living with Mary and I. I also got to speak to her about how much Jesus loved her. She would smile and say that she knew she would one day see His face. I know how much faith she had because one of my sisters and I, saw it first hand when we were kids. I will not get into the details because that story is for my family and I alone. But I know that when I take my last breath here on earth, that I will be present with the LORD (Proverbs 14:32; 2 Corinthians 5:6 & 8; Philippians 1:23).

And if I am present with my LORD & Savior, I will also see my mom and grandma. Because my grandma was also a believer!

So here’s to another earthly birthday mom! Because Jesus tells us that He is the God of the living and not the dead (Luke 20:38). I may not know your spiritual birthday, that is, when you were aware who Christ was in your life, but happy heavenly birthday too. Love you, see you in a bit…

IF YOU are hurting with a sickness that has you in pain, or if you know someone who has a sickness, & WANT TO HAVE THE PEACE ONLY JESUS CAN GIVE through your tough moments, CLICK FOR MORE INFO:

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