A letter to my Democratic Friends: |Elections 2020

Oscar Roca 2020

A letter to my Democrat friends:

First off, I am writing this letter with the utmost respect, I have for all Americans. I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican. I myself am an independent. Independent to look at and vote for anyone who will make a difference in the moral values I choose to have.

But more and more, I am siding with the Republican voters because of the paradigm shifts of the Democratic Party.

Oscar Roca

I have voted for one of the people on the Democratic ticket:

The ‘Hacienda‘ for native people is the same correlation as the Plantation for African natives who were transplanted to America to work as slaves. The “Caciques‘ were the Hacienda owners. I left the ‘Hacienda Herd Mentality‘ a long time ago…

Oscar Roca

Secondly, I have voted for one of the persons I am going to be asking the questions about. I state this so you don’t wander off to making false perceptions and accusations of why I am writing this. As a kid, my heroes were FDR, MLK and JFK, I may have liked the cool initials, who knows! My dad was a very liberal Democrat. In high school, I laughed when Ronald Reagan got shot. I have said this before and I have regretted smirking about it since I committed myself to the LORD. Again, I already wrote about this, just want to make sure whoever is reading this knows that I came from being a Democrat. But I left the ‘Hacienda’ a long time ago. Let me rephrase this, The Hacienda shifted Away from what I believed.

So that’s my story in short outline.

Now back to my dear Democratic Friends’ letter:

  1. Why are you voting for Kamala Harris on the Democratic ticket?
  2. Kamala Harris couldn’t even carry her own state. How can you reconcile the fact that only 7% of Californians voted for her? Yet she is now going to be the VP of your Party’s ticket?
  3. Are there no other capable people to lead your party, that you have to choose a losing candidate clearly down at the bottom of the candidate ladder?
  4. What will happen if Joe Biden wins? You chose a VP that was clearly struck down by here own state, and yet, she would be the leader of the free world if your choice for President dies, or becomes mentally incapacitated.
    Which brings me to the next crucial question:
  5. What on earth are all of you thinking? This is a guy who can’t keep a proper sentence from coming out of his mouth! I say this with the utmost respect for anyone who seems to have some kind of mental breakdown like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or tumors. Again, I am not making fun of this man. I have relatives and people I know with Dementia, it is absolutely not a laughing matter.
  6. What has Kamala Harris done during her time in public office? I voted for her because she was supposed to be tough on crime, which she was, but so many questions are now arising about her way of doing things, may not have been Kosher. I voted for her because the other candidates were horrible on crime. I made the choice that would not hurt as much.
  7. I asked this about Obama the Senator, when everyone was going nuts over voting for a black candidate without asking themselves if he was really qualified. They did not see the voting record he had as a senator. People just wanted to make history. ..
  8. Are people doing the same with someone who doesn’t belong as a VP candidate based on her losing Presidential race record?

There are more questions about Joe Biden, but I will do another letter, because the state of this country is far too important to allow two people who don’t have it all together to take over.

Oscar Roca

When I played sports:

I played sports all my life. If I were to give you an analogy of Kamala Harris as an athlete, it would be like this…and I am not even going to ask you about her extreme government ‘big brother’ mentality. That’s for another post.
If Kamala were an athlete, she would be the player who got a trophy for “Also Participating in the tournament!”
In other words, she was at the bottom of the bottom of candidates in the Presidential race for her Party.
Again, why was she picked? She lost and her voter base did not trust that she could win, but now she is the VP candidate!
Talk about the worst thing that could happen to your party!
Back when I played, if we lost and got a consolation tournament trophy, I would throw those away. Because I knew that only the best of the best deserve the real trophy.

Back in my day, it would be shameful to get a ‘Participation Trophy’ for everyone. We knew, that as a team, we would win the real trophy or die trying. There was not a team that would jump into the main tournament once they lost.

Oscar Roca

We need the best of the best in politics!

I think that Politics, like sports, and like life, only the winners get to participate in the most important of races…not those that have lost, and lost badly.
We have a President that I may not have liked in the beginning. You can read my Facebook post way back when. But this man is doing and has done what he promised. I don’t need a loser VP candidate and a guy who could barely hold a sentence to get into China or the European Union to negotiate anything that important, like the welfare of the American people.
I don’t want a Consolation Prize VP, or a guy whose been in politics longer than most have been alive and who seems mentally lacking to take care of the this country’s future…Do you?

Go out and learn about the candidates without the social media influence. Learn the facts:

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Register to vote for November here:

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