And The Band Played On |Tuesday- November Elections 2020

I usually add pictures to my blog posts. Not this time. The atrocity of homelessness & overcrowding in big cities of California are no laughing matter. Nor are they for anyone to exploit. I will simply leave the links at the bottom for you to research this horrible epidemic. Homelessness is the true pandemic of our time.

oscar Roca

Most people say that as Christians we’re not supposed to get involved in politics. Nothing can be further from the truth. That is a lie from the pit of hell, so that Christians can become apathetic to the things that are going on around them.
In Genesis 1 and 2, God told men and women to take over the earth and take care of it. We were to have and rule everything around us. We were to take care of it, form it, and govern it. We were not supposed to waste or take advantage of anything that was given to us by God.
Nowhere did God tell Adam and Eve to go and hide anymore.
So that being said, as we approach November, I’ve just been led to write about what’s going on in this country, and to better understand the people that are supposed to be leading.
The more I research the people who are making decisions for their citizens, the more disappointed I get.

It seems that politicians in California have forgotten about all their citizens. Because one party has ruled for such a long time, those politicians in the majority have taken advantage of their citizens.

If you go where the majority party leads the way, or has led the way for the last 40 to 50 years, you will see the devastation of what happens when people continue to vote for the same ruling party. It becomes a ruling class that doesn’t care for its citizens but only for advancement monetarily, and for more power.
Los Angeles, San Francisco, South LA, and most Hispanic areas, seem like a Third World country now.

In Mexico the PRI party ruled Mexico for more than 60 years. The devastation that came from one sole, authoritarian, party can be seen now.
In Mexico they have voted the PRI out, but the effects of just one ruling party for almost a century can’t seem to go away. They can blame the new parties which they should, but the majority of the blame just like in California has to go to the one ruling party. Ask yourself these questions:
What has happened to San Francisco where thousands of homeless people live now? What has happened to the middle class in San Francisco, who is having to put up with people urinating, and defecating right in front of their front yard! And these residents cannot do a thing about it. They have to put up with honking their horn’s just to get into their garages. Let alone being harassed for honking or telling people to move.

But where are the Maxine Waters’, the Nancy Pelosi ‘s, the Gavin Newsom’s, and the rest of the Democratic Party’s Representatives who have left this state comatosed, with taxation without true representation, excessive and wasteful budgets, and the promises to their voter base for a better life that has never come to fruition.

Like I said in my last blog post, I grew up a Democrat. My father was a Democrat, a staunch Democrat.
But the Democratic party shifted. And I decided to leave the Hacienda.

This Hispanic would no longer be chained up to the Democratic Hacienda. Where the slaves continue working for the slave masters without any form of advancement. Where the slave masters continue cracking the whip to get more fieldwork done with less benefits to those that are working.
Does this sound horrible?
It’s more horrible to sit by like a slave with a party who has ruled for such a long time, and has devastated the economy of this state to the point of no return. It is more horrible to be apathetic to the needs of this state’s citizens.
I cannot fathom voting for a party that has destroyed this once beloved Golden State. Where those that don’t work get paid more than those that are working 2 to 3 jobs just to make ends meet.

Where towing the line has become so heavy burdened that people finally just cut the rope & move to greener pastures, meaning other states, leaving those of us trying to make this state glorious once again.

And now governor Newsom has finally done what no other Governor has done. He has single-handedly killed the economy, the seventh biggest economies in the world. Will we get back to the once Golden State?
I doubt it. Unlike all those who have left, I am one guy that is very, very heavily thinking of moving on and letting this titanic sink. But in this case the rats will not leave the ship first. They are the ones that are ruling and have ruled for such a long time that there’s stench, and there’s stains that will resonate for decades…


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