Never Forget |9-11 Remembrance

Oscar Roca 2020

My thoughts on true heroes

most Professional Athletes are not heroes

Some things divide. Some things are forgotten. May we never forget what united us as a nation. There are some at this moment in time, that want Americans to think that we are a divided nation. Nothinng could be further from the truth. Only a small percentage of people who have the limelight are seeking division for selfish reasons. Some are pampered, and filthy rich athletes who forget that they have luxieries beyond the common person.

You see, a professional athlete should never be a hero to anyone. They are paid to entertain people. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. They are paid extravagantly well, to do what every kid loves doing freely. There are some great athletes who do change community. But they are rare. We need to put them in the proper perspective~as entertainers and not role models.

Oscar Roca

most Entertainers are not heroes

Same goes for entertainers who are living a fantasy life of glitter. They too have no clue what the average American has to deal with.

Television & Movie Entertainers are also just that, entertainers. They should not be looked at as having answers to anything but things related to TV & movies. Sure they are people, sure they can vote how they like, but in the end, most of their lives are egocentric. They rarely leave the life of plastic glitter & smoke bubbles to really give meaning to life.

Oscar Roca

Most Social Media elites are not heroes

Then there are these social media elites who are beyond wealthy, that think because they are incredible at programming software, that they have found the meaning of life.

They forget that they spend most of their time secluded in their own little world of x’s and o’s, with their organic almond milk, frothy macheatto coffeechino. All these people above, are seperated from the real grind of life, these people don’t have a clue what the meaning of life is. Yet, they control what the masses buy, watch, and think.

Oscar Roca

Time for people to break free of these influencers

It’s time for the masses to break free of these controlling influences of entertainment, Athletics & Social media! Their time should pass away, and it is happening now. Professional leagues are seeing their numbers dwindling.

If you don’t believe that most Americans are united, look at the veiwership of these professional leagues. They are disappearing before our eyes.

Oscar Roca

I have vowed not to watch any professional league that tries to influence in politics. They forget that they are there to entertain. We pay for this and not to see overgrown children throw tantrums. This goes for all entertainment.

John 15:13

The true heroes…

It’s time for Americans to look up to the true heroes. Those that can potentially give their lives for strangers. These are the brave men and women of the Armed Forces, the Public Servants of the Police and Fire Departments all over the country. Yet, these brave men and women get very little pay, respect and honor that they deserve. When was the last time you saw any entertainer, pro-athlete or social media elite go into the thick of things in order to save a fellow stranger? I can think of a few athletes that dropped everything to serve. But those are very few and between.

Oscar Roca 2020

We in this country will not allow a small percentage to divide us. We have gone through too much to let that happen, & the memory of the heroes who gave their lives up for this country will not be in vain!

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