Be Students 4 Life—Research Things Yourself |Covid-19 The Great Scam—Elections 2020

Test all things

First off:

One thing I have learned about searching the Scriptures all these years, is that I have become a student of research. I have learned not to trust what anybody says including pastors and others. I do the research myself, that’s what we’re supposed to do.

Second thing and most importantly— Covid-19 is as real as the SARS, MERS and H1N1 virues. I am not disputing this. What I am disputing, is the timing of this virus and the tenacity of closing down a thriving national economy during an election year. I find this quite intriguing!

Never trust what our government says. Not this state government nor any government. Especially with what’s going on with some of the governors and mayors of this country.


Now, whether the CDC has said that they made mistakes in the total death numbers of the Covid virus, or whether they inflated them on purpose, I do not care. What I do care about is the controlling power they have on the people of this country.


To all my friends who have become mask monitors, there’s more information on your so-called scare. Click on all these links. Like everything else don’t take my word, do the research yourself. If I give you the numbers you’re gonna say that I’m manipulating  them. 

There were 6,000 Covid-19  deaths in LA County, as of this past Sunday. There are a little over 10 million people living in LA county. What’s the percentage of total deaths in Los Angeles County?

For this amount of people, the mayor Of LA, has shattered the Economy of Southern California.

Oscar Roca

State of California:

With a population of 40 million plus people in the state of California, there have been 14,481 deaths. Now divide that up, please.

You see the percentages are in the single digits percentage wise. I know that we’re not talking about those infected versus the deaths of those infected. There’s a reason for it, we can’t trust the numbers given. So I have to go by the deaths versus a total population.

For this amount of deaths, the governor of this state & the mayor of LA have killed the economy. Remember this when their re-election come around.

Oscar Roca

CDC Guideline Truth on Masks:

CDC Guidelines

Now check the CDC link, or check Where I have marked in red, if you trust me (Never trust anyone—do your own research)! Go to the bottom of the link where the 3 asterisks footnote is:

CDC Guidelines

So for the tiny percent of Covid deaths, we have closed society down! Do you still think it’s for our safety and welfare?

I am a skeptic by nature. I have seen too much and witnessed the morality of people. I have some more questions regarding the mask mandate. That’s next Political Tuesday Special November Elections 2020 Series…

2020 Primary Election Recommendations


List of POTUS’ accomplishments:


Percentage of Democrats attending POTUS’ rally

Black & Hispanic American unemployment

Religious Freedom Worldwide

On First Ammendment

Register to vote for November here:

How to Register to Vote

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