I Need to Pray About Voting For…. |All Lives Matter All Lives R Precious

Bema Seat of Christ by Oscar Roca

At the Bema seat of Christ:

In the end, the Party won’t matter. The voting won’t matter. You will stand before the Judgement Seat of the KING of kings and LORD of lords. Just you & Him. No one will come to your rescue. No one will advocate for you & your actions. Because the One judging will be Christ Himself.

Oscar Roca
Matthew 25:31-46

Nothing else to say. You cannot vote your Party anymore! You have to vote your morals…But LORD, that mean orange man was rude…won’t be the right answer…

Oscar Roca

Vote Morally not Party

2020 Primary Election Recommendations



List of POTUS’ accomplishments:


Percentage of Democrats attending POTUS’ rally

Black & Hispanic American unemployment

Religious Freedom Worldwide

On First Ammendment

Register to vote for November here:

How to Register to Vote

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